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Top Decorating Design Ideas for Your Wood Fireplace Mantle

Do you ever give the mantelpiece above your fireplace much thought? It’s the ideal area for creating a decorative space in your home and express your taste. However, how exactly should you decorate it? As fireplace experts, Quadra-Fire has a few innovative ideas on how to bring this space above your wood burning fireplace to […]

The Health Effects Of Improper Wood Burning Smoke

Cigarette smoke isn’t the only type of smoke that can negatively affect your health. If you’re not using your wood burning stove properly, you could be damaging your health, as well as that of your loved ones, without even realising it. Here’s what you need to know about wood burning fireplaces and how to decrease […]

Making The Most Of Your Fireplace This Summer

In winter, your wood burning fireplace is a cozy corner in your home, filled with a crackling fire and luxurious warmth. When the weather warms up, it can become a sooty dead zone, as it’s too hot to light a fire. Instead of letting your fireplace gather dust and go unused during the summer months, […]

Are You at Risk of a Chimney Fire?

Chimneys carry smoke from your fireplace out your home but have been known to cause a fire in certain instances. You dont need to panic though. Once you learn about how your chimney works, youll see that with the right maintenance its almost impossible for a chimney fire to occur. If you have a […]

5 Reasons Why Your Fire Wont Ignite

Having trouble getting your fire to ignite? There are several factors that you need to consider when trying to start a fire. It can take a while to become a master fire starter, but until then make sure youre not making any of these common errors, which could be the reasons for your fires failure.

Why You Should Be Careful About Storing Your Firewood Inside

Creating a roaring fire is not only dependent on an efficient wood burning fireplace, but also on the type of firewood you use. You need to ensure that firewood is stored in an area away from the elements to keep it dry and ready for burning. You can create stylish firewood storage in your home […]

Must-Know Rules for Collecting Firewood

Collecting wood for the fire is not as simple as taking a drive to the nearest forest area and chopping down any tree you fancy. The National Approach to Firewood Collection and Use in Australia was compiled over 17 years ago as a guideline. The document focuses on ensuring ecologically sustainable firewood collection practices for […]