Renovating? Why this is the best time to add a fireplace

If youre considering home renovations, its an ideal time to consider adding a wood-burning fireplace. Modern designs feature in many award-winning Australian homes, but even a modest home is enhanced with a cosy fireplace.

Theyre also a popular way to add value to a home, and structural requirements make installation even easier when you are planning renovations.

Why wood-burning combustion

If youre contemplating adding a fireplace, you may be unsure about whether to go with a gas-powered or a wood-burning option. These days, the two are pretty much head to head when it comes to efficiency, thanks to engineering innovations and durability.

Traditional wood-burning fires may not seem like the more cost effective or environmentally sound choice, but wood burning fireplace design has evolved to include eco-friendly solutions like Quadra-Fire, which is up to an impressive 82% efficiency.

So, old-school is still a great option. Costs for chimney masonry can be offset with your existing building project, and remember that a gas installation would also require the installation of a gas line.

Ease of installation

If its part of a larger renovation project, you can roll the structural requirements of a fireplace into your building plans and permit. Freestanding units or inserts can be easy to add if they are based on Australian Standards for efficiency and safety. Make sure that your installer adheres to these standards.

Convenience versus authenticity

A gas fireplace is turned on with a flick of a switch, but nature-lovers enjoy the ritual and smell of a genuine wood fire. Quadra-Fire is a unique, patented wood-burning technology that has an automatic combustion control, enabling you to become a professional fire-builder with the convenience of automation without losing the authentic feel.

Aesthetics and future efficiency

A fireplace is often the focal point of a room, and many people enjoy the traditional look and atmospheric beauty of an open hearth and wood-burning fireplace. Modern designs can be incorporated into any style of home. The rugged appearance of a Quadra-Fire looks and feels as genuine as it is.

If youre renovating, youll want a heating solution that doesnt need to be replaced frequently due to wear and tear. Quadra-Fire technology is extremely durable and includes a leading industry warranty of more than 10 years.

Make the most of your home renovation by adding a wood burning fireplace to the project timeline. Contact Quadra-Fire today for more info.