Top Tips To Keep Your Wood-Burning Fireplace Clean

It may seem like a chore and a half, especially if you’ve neglected cleaning your wood-burning fireplace for a while, and although at first it may seem a little overwhelming, there are expert tips available on how best to clean your fireplace.

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How To Decide Between A Freestanding Or Insert Fireplace

Nothing comes close to the warmth and ambience a fireplace produces. For generations, the idea of a fireplace has always been linked closely to living well and living in style. Nowadays, the options for a fireplace are more technologically-advanced, giving homeowners the choice to add a focal point in their home, which will provide more than enough heat, and at the same time, help reduce the cost of energy used during the winter months.

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Advice To Keep Your Children Safe Around Fireplaces

Fireplaces are very common in Melbourne, and they add such an elegant feel and sense of style to your home. The luxury it offers, not only in winter, is an element of the home that also adds value if ever a homeowner decides to sell.

However, what you must bear in mind is that a fireplace comes with certain hazards that can be very dangerous for children and pets.

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Three Benefits Of A Fireplace With Automatic Combustion Control

New, modern fireplaces have evolved in line with the rapid development of technology. Quadra-Fire, an innovative home heater company, is leading the way in regards to cleaner, healthier and cheaper alternatives for your wood burning fireplace. Technology called Automatic Combustion Control is an advanced air control system that has three benefits for you:

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How To Prepare Your Fireplace For The Winter

With the influx of rain and the freezing cold days, we’re definitely in the middle of the chilly season! Many people have used their wood burning fireplaces to help combat the cold and create a cosy atmosphere in their homes. However, many fireplace owners don’t realise that they are not using their fireplaces efficiently, and by following these tips below, they can get the most out of their fireplace this winter.

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Here’s How You Can Safeguard Against House Fires And Still Have A Wonderfully Warm Winter!

Winter has definitely arrived, and nothing makes a cold day as bearable as the crackle of a fireplace. Enjoying the warmth of a fire during the cold season does have safety concerns that you have to be aware of, as an untended fire that gets out of control can pose a deadly hazard to you and your family, and wreak havoc on your home.

In just three minutes, a runaway fire can spread through a home, burning at temperatures as high as 800 degrees Celsius. This fact alone means you cannot ignore the dangers a fire poses, but by ensuring you adhere to some safety tips, you can enjoy your fireplace throughout the winter.
First of all, you should ensure that you have a working smoke detector in your home, and that they are placed in all bedrooms or other sleeping areas.

Smoke detectors are incredibly effective at preventing a loss of life, but ideally you want to prevent a fire from starting in the first place. This means that as the temperatures drop, you have to ensure that your fireplace has received the required maintenance for it to function correctly.

If you have wood burning fireplace, make sure that your flue isn’t blocked, and that flammable material, like clothes, are at least two metres from the source of heat. You should always make sure that the minimum clearances from combustibles are met.

A fireplace isn’t the only cause of house fires.. The majority of house fires begin in the kitchen, which means you shouldn’t leave pots unattended on a stove or the oven simply burning away and heating up.

Also, electrical faults can also be a common cause of house fires. So make sure you check your plugs regularly, and don’t place extension cords under carpets or mats.

If you have any questions, or want to learn more about how you can ensure that your house is fire safe this winter, do not hesitate to contact your local fire station, or visit their websites for further fire safety tips.

Almost all house fires can be avoided completely if you remember to adhere to domestic safety regulations. Be safe and sensible and you’ll enjoy a cozy winter in front of your fireplace without worry.

Reduce Emissions and Breathe Easy With The Right Wood Burning Heater

Many Australians enjoy a wood burning fireplace, for the warmth, heat and ambiance that comes from having one as the centerpiece of their living or dining room. But with deadly home fires an ever-present concern, many opt out of having one due to safety concerns. What these families don’t know is that it’s possible to enjoy a fire at home that is as safe and practical as it is enjoyable.

The threat of a home fire is one that most Australians are familiar with, with 2016 being dominated by the threat of potential bush fires due to higher than usual temperatures, dry conditions, strong winds and low levels of rainfall. Because of this, most people are aware of the safety precautions that need to be followed in order to minimize the risk of a fire spreading from a heater elsewhere. But few Australians stop to think about the breathing hazards presented by burning wood in your home.

According to the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority, the vast majority of fine particle pollution in Sydney can be traced back to heaters in the region and with close to 100,000 heaters in this area alone that’s a lot of emissions! Particles are particularly dangerous as they can be inhaled directly into a person’s bloodstream and lead to breathing and lung complications.

Most experts say this stems from the fact that many heaters in the country stick to the bare minimum when it comes to the allowed amounts of emissions required per kilogram of wood burnt, which is a maximum of 2.5 grams. In fact, many experts allege that a heater produces more toxic emissions than cigarette smoke and can produce the same amount of emissions of hundreds of SUVS over a period of time.

Thankfully, not all wooden heaters are created equal and you can actually purchase one that is much healthier than most of the heaters on the market that are optimized to burn less wood and therefore create less emissions, resulting in safe breathing air.

So when the season comes to bring out the heaters, make sure you’ve chosen one that lets you breathe easy, safe in the knowledge that you’re not polluting your family’s or the rest of the country’s air.

How You Can Save Money And Use Less Wood This Heater Season

In the past, wooden fireplaces were a common sight in homes. Of course that was before electricity, and before the world wisened up to the fact that wood (and trees) are not an infinite resource. With so many alternatives available most home owners have resigned themselves to the fact that the look, feel and functionality of a traditional wooden fireplace is just not economically or environmentally feasible anymore. But the good news is that these days you actually can enjoy the traditional snap, crackle and spark of a fireplace in a way that works with the environment – and not against it. And you’ll find yourself spending less on wood too!

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Can The Right Wood In Your Wood Fire Stove Help Save The Planet?

Australia is a land well known for its beauty, and much of that beauty is made up of the natural scenery we get to look at every day. Of course, like any ecosystem, removing just one small part of a well organised structure can have devastating consequences on all local fauna and flora. When it comes to sourcing wood for one’s wood burning heater, most people are more concerned with the safety rating of the heater and not where their wood is coming from. What they don’t know is that choosing the right kind of wood that is good for the environment can make or break the very scenery they enjoy.

As home heating costs show no sign of decreasing any time soon, it’s unsurprising that many Australians rely on wood burning heaters during winter. But too many people are sourcing their wood from roadside vendors or just collecting their own firewood. Many people also get firewood from family and friends. It is estimated that less than a fifth of residents in major areas like Tasmania get their wood from approved merchants.

What these people fail to realise is that in many areas dead trees and fallen branches and twigs are needed by local animals such as birds, mammals, reptiles and bats. These trees are used for safe spaces to breed, feed young (or look out for predators) or just as a place to roost and rest. It is estimated that over 80 unique species rely on this wood, including Tasmanian bats and the endangered Swift parrot. Even the wood that is not used by animals is required to grow fungi and lichens, both of which enrich the nutrients of the soil in the area.

If you are wondering how you can possibly know whether or not your wood was ethically sourced, all you have to do is look for the firewood vendor registration number of the person or business selling you the wood. It should be on all their advertising as well as their transportation vehicles.

If these details are not available and when asked your vendor cannot produce them, it is likely that your wood was taken illegally and you are better off looking elsewhere.

Benefits of A Quadra-Fire Slow Combustion Fireplace

There are clear benefits to owning a Quadra-Fire slow combustion fireplace. Not only are they incredibly efficient, they offer long burn times and great heat output. Choose from a freestanding or insert style fireplace, and there are a variety of sizes available so an appropriate fit can be found for your home. In some cases, slow combustion fireplaces are used as the sole heat source in a home where gas heating is not available or a practical option.

The average household in southern Australia (with a wood fire) will burn between 4 to 6 tonnes of wood each heating season. The average slow combustion unit on the Australian market has an efficiency rating of around 60%, compared to Quadra-Fire’s which is up to 82%. This equates to around 2 to 2 tonnes of firewood being saved each year by using a Quadra-Fire. With the typical price of firewood in metropolitan areas of around $270 per tonne, this can mean a saving of between $540 and $670 each year.

Quadra-Fire fireplaces also feature Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) and a four point burn system as standard. ACC technology is an advanced heat-management system, feeding the fire with air when it’s needed most, for precision start-up and consistent, long burns. Whether you are starting a cold stove, or reloading for a long burn, ACC provides the extra air to start the burning process, then turns down to your desired rate. The patented Quadra-Fire Four Point Burn System produces intense rolling flames, and the four combustion cycles extend the heat, enhance the fire and increase efficiency for long lasting performance.

These features and more, make Quadra-Fire the standout choice when choosing a slow combustion fireplace. For more information, please visit, call 1300 219 875 or visit our showroom at 444 Swan Street in Richmond.