Common Myths About Wood Burning Fireplaces

Wood burning fireplaces have been around for centuries and are a popular form of heating used all over the world. Due to their popularity, there are many misconceptions about wood burning fireplaces. Here are a few falsehoods debunked.

  • You’ll only use it during winter

Many people believe that getting a wood burning fireplace is a waste of money as they’ll only use it for a quarter of the year. This myth is untrue as many owners of wood burning fireplaces enjoy their warmth in Spring and Autumn as well as on cooler Summer evenings. The heat of the fireplace can be controlled by both the amount and the type of wood that you put into the fireplace, allowing you to find the perfect temperature.

  • They’re unsafe

As with any fireplace, the key to ensuring it is safe is by following these steps. The first step would be to ensure you are purchasing a high-quality fireplace from a reputable wood burning fireplace brand like Quadra-Fire. The second step is to have your fireplace installed by a trustworthy, licensed installer. The third step is to keep up with the maintenance of both your fireplace and chimney. For a safer wood-burning fireplace, choose an insert or freestanding fireplace with a door.

  • Bad air quality

No one wants to have bad quality within their home, and wood burning fires have long been blamed for creating smoky air that can irritate the lungs. While this may have been true in the past, clean burn technology and automatic combustion control allow you to enjoy the warmth and comfort of fireplaces in your home with none of the bad side effects on the air. This new technology has radically reduced the environmental impact of modern fireplaces too.

Wood-burning fireplaces are a charming and useful addition to any home. The modern wood-burning fireplace is becoming a popular choice among Melbourne homeowners. Want to learn more about the wood-burning fireplaces available at Quadra-Fire? Visit our website today!

Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Choosing Where To Place Your Wood Burning Fireplace

Cuddling with the one you love in front of the fireplace or sharing stories with your children on a cold winter’s night make a wood burning fireplace a worthy investment. A fireplace has become a cheaper alternative for many Australians who are trying to avoid the rising cost of gas and electricity and also do their part for the environment.

A wood fireplace is a perfect addition to any living room, but here are a few things to consider before breaking ground and making potentially costly mistakes.

  • Ensure it’s the right size for the room

Before purchasing the wood fireplace, the first thing you will have to consider besides aesthetics is the size of the room it will be placed in. If the fireplace is too big for the space you will need to under fuel it to ensure the room doesn’t become overly hot, this affects the efficiency of the fireplace. It is the same for a fireplace that is too small for a room; you will need to over fuel it.

  • Have room for wood storage

Investing in an indoor wood storage compartment sounds like a suitable idea to avoid exposing the wood to moisture and other elements. Wood that has moisture or is left in a damp space can be difficult to set alight. If the wood is seasoned before being brought into the home and you’ve ensured that there are no insects underneath the bark, an indoor storage compartment will be perfect for a convenient supply of wood without having to leave the house.

  • Not using a qualified installer

Because the improper installation, service and maintenance of your wood fireplace can lead to injury or even damage to the property, it is recommended that you get a qualified installer to fit your fireplace for you. A qualified installer will be able to advise you of the best position for your fireplace and will install it according to the manufacturers specifications. It will also mean your home will still be covered by your insurance policy if anything were to happen.

  • Too close to the furniture

It is recommended that there be a distance of at least 100cm between a fireplace and any combustible materials such as curtains, electrical appliances, furniture and cords. This is especially true if you have purchased a free-standing fireplace. The distance will help prevent a combustible material from causing a fire that can swiftly spread throughout the house. And to protect the carpets from flaming sparks if you have an open wood fireplace, placing a masonry or tiled hearth in front of the fireplace will help avoid any dangerous accidents.

  • Regulations

Another reason that a qualified installer is recommended when installing a fireplace is because of local regulations that you might not be aware of. You do not want to infringe upon the rights of your neighbours by installing a fireplace incorrectly which may result in smoke from the flue entering their space. Wood heaters must be mounted and installed in line with the Building Code of Australia and must comply exactly with the manufacturer’s instructions as well as the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2918.

Quadra-Fire has a range of wood burning fire inserts and freestanding fireplaces for your home. For help with selecting the right space for your wood burning fireplace, contact your local store today!

How To Reduce Smoke Pollution From Your Wood Burning Fireplace

An excess of smoke when using your slow combustion wood burning fireplace can be the result of burning firewood incorrectly, or burning the wrong wood, whether it’s a fireplace indoors or a campsite outdoors. The smoke produced by a fire contains particulate emissions, so it’s important to know the correct way to operate your wood burning fire so you can reduce your emissions and have a fire that works perfectly.
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Why You Should Never Burn Unseasoned Wood

You should never burn unseasoned or green wood in your fireplace, because it contains a much higher volume of water than seasoned wood. When the moisture content is at 25% or more, it will be duly regarded as unseasoned wood. It can take a couple of years before the moisture in the wood is finally reduced to be considered seasoned wood.

  • What are the risks

Since unseasoned wood has more moisture, it does not burn as hot or as effectively as properly seasoned wood. This affects the efficiency of your fireplace and ultimately impacts all areas of performance. Burning unseasoned wood also can increase creosote build-up.

  • What you should do

You can help prevent future issues with your wood burning fireplace by ensuring you have your chimney swept by a professional. The frequency of sweeping will depend on how much you use your fire. Although even seasoned wood does contribute to chimney residue, it produces less residue than if you were burning unseasoned wood.

  • Ventilation

The flue system for your slow combustion wood burning fireplace must always vent outside and have a cowl on top of the flue run. If you are unsure, you can always contact a professional fireplace expert in Melbourne to come and have a look at your fireplace and offer you suggestions.

  • Cleaning

There are some maintenance tasks that you can complete as a fireplace owner, such as cleaning out ash from the firebox, and cleaning the glass. Always consult your owner’s manual for information on how to perform these tasks.

Understanding which fire wood is the best for your fireplace is essential when wanting to strike up a nice warm fire and one that is both efficient and safe. If you need more information or want to get in contact with a professional wood fireplace expert in Melbourne, consider Quadrafire as your heating solutions specialists.

Why A Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Is The Perfect Winter Accessory!

A fireplace is so much more than something to keep a chilly room warm in winter. It is a functional accessory that has the ability to create an ambience in a room that draws people in, making them want to linger longer. If you are considering installing a wood burning fireplace insert in your living space as the weather starts getting cooler, consider the fact that not only is it a functional heater – it is also a fully-fledged winter accessory.

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5 Lesser Known Techniques For A More Efficient Clean Burning Wood Fire

Wood burning stoves remain a popular choice for keeping a home cosy and toasty. With this solid fuel-sourced appliance the one commonly asked question is ‘how do you ensure a clean burning wood fire’?

Do you have to bust your hump in the labour-intensive tasks of cutting, splitting and storing wood? Not necessarily so. Fire up your wood burning fireplace without the tears and frustration with the help of these 5 easy to implement tips.

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