Voyageur Grand

The Voyageur Grand is the latest wood-burning insert from Quadra-Fire. It harnesses proven technology to achieve long, clean burns and powerful heat production. Heavy duty cast iron construction and accelerated life cycle testing make the Voyageur Grand a rugged heating option.

Standard Features

  • 2.35 cubic ft firebox capacity
  • Up to 10 hours burn time from a single load of wood
  • Heating capacity of up to 27sq
  • Low emissions of 2.0gms/kg
  • Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) technology
  • Patented four point burn technology
  • Cast iron finish


  • Zero clearance
  • Classic black finish
  • Surround panels in three different styles
    • Metal surround trim
    • Cast surround in black
    • Cast trim in black
  • Outside air kit

The Quadra-Fire Voyageur Grand is available from distributors in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia.
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More Info

Voyageur Grand
Max burn time8-10hrs
Heating CapacityUp to 27sq
Clearances – Straight back against wall
Back wall to fireN/A
Side wall to fireN/A
Clearances – Corner Installation
Wall to fireN/A
Automatic Air Control

Quadra-Fire Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) Technology

Secondary Burning Zone

Quadra-Fire® Four-Point Burn System