• Australia’s most efficient
    combustion fires

  • Australia’s most efficient
    combustion fires

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In the market for a new fireplace? We supply the finest slow combustion fireplaces in Australia. With Quadra-Fire wood heaters, performance and efficiency are guaranteed. Our wood fireplaces combine forward thinking technology, design, and energy-efficiency to deliver consistent warmth in any interior setting.

As a company, we’ve spent years refining and updating our fireplaces to meet the demands of modern homes. It all started with the development of the Four-Point Burn System. This patented technology produced intense rolling flames so efficiently that it dawned the inception of the Quadra-Fire name.

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Fireplaces for Sale

Welcome to Quadra-Fire, where we create the cleanest burning, easiest to operate and most durable freestanding wood heaters and wood stoves on the market today. This is our commitment, our tradition, and our guiding principle

We offer wood-burning stoves in varying sizes and shapes, including freestanding wood heaters and wood fireplace inserts. Complete with a patented Four-Point Burn System, our heaters come equipped with Four Point Burn technology and Automatic Combustion Control.

When winter sets in, your Quadra-Fire will be right there to keep you warm and cosy. Explore our full range of wood fireplaces for sale right here online!

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Whether you’re interested in the 31le, 4300 Millennium, 5700 Step Top, or the Eco-Choice WS22, the entire Quadra-Fire line offers excellent ongoing performance and durability. Our fireplaces can also be ordered and shipped to all major towns and cities in Australia.

If you’re a local business planning to invest in installing fireplaces in commercial spaces, our fireplaces offer unbeatable value for money. The four-point burn technology produces intense rolling flames with four combustion cycles to extend the heat.

The system allows a precise start-up by routing airflow quickly to the fire, a combustion shield to keep the glass clean, a tertiary burn zone to ignite superheated air, and a quaternary burn to rid throwing away remaining impurities, exiting from the chimney.

The Finest Wood Fireplaces in Australia

Building a new home or renovating your existing property? The Quadra-Fire range is the perfect choice for you. Understanding the significance of energy efficiency and an eco-friendly household, we have developed and patented the Quadra-burn system, which burns and re-burns gases and smoke in four different zones of the firebox.

Our advanced combustion technology includes quick startups, lasting burns, clean glass, a decade of warranty, superheated air igniting flammable gases around the wood, and purifying all impurities for a clean burn! We deliver the best solution to meet your heating needs during the colder months, whether you’re in Adelaide, Brisbane, or Sydney.

Wood Fireplaces for Sale

Looking for an upgrade from traditional wood heating systems? Make the move to Quadra-Fire . Utilising Automatic Combustion Control, our heat-management technology feeds the fire with air when it’s needed the most, offering easy operation.

Feel free to contact our authorised Quadra-Fire distributor on 1300 219 875 for sales, service, or product enquiries. Whether you’re based in Darwin, Gold Coast, or Sydney, we ensure comfort during the winter with the appropriate wood fireplace.

Why Choose Quadra-Fire for Fireplaces in Australia?

Quadra-Fire offers an environmentally friendly alternative for home heating in Australia, with excellent performance and lasting durability.

  • Our Advanced Four-Point Burn Technology optimises heating for longer and efficient burns.
  • We provide Solid and Durable Fireplaces, with a diverse range of high-performing shapes, sizes, and models.
  • Quadra-Fire offers environmentally-friendly heating solutions.
  • Our wood-burning stoves comply with clean air regulations, providing fuel-efficient heating with 91% efficiency.
  • Quadra-Fire is the safest choice for clean burning, ensuring the wellbeing of your household.

Experience the Quadra-Fire difference and call us today on 1300219875 for expert advice, sales, service or support regarding your fireplace needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Fireplaces in Australia

What makes Quadra-Fire fireplaces stand out in Australia?

Quadra-Fire fireplaces in Australia are designed for performance, excellence, and efficiency. The units ensure eco-friendly and energy-efficient home heating solutions. They are built to last and utilise advanced technology to guarantee a safe and efficient burn, keeping Australian households warm during winters.

What types of fireplaces are for sale at Quadra-Fire in Australia?

Quadra-Fire offers durable and visually appealing fireplaces for sale in varying sizes and shapes. Customers have the choice between freestanding wood heaters and wood fireplace inserts. Each fireplace utilises the patented Four-Point Burn System, producing intense rolling flames efficiently.

Where can I buy Quadra-Fire fireplaces near me?

Quadra-Fire fireplaces are available for purchase all around Australia. Regardless of whether you reside in Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Gold Coast, or Sydney, you can count on Quadra-Fire for quality, durable, and efficient fireplaces.

Why are Quadra-Fire’s wood fireplaces considered the best in Australia?

Quadra-Fire’s wood fireplaces are considered the best in Australia for their energy efficiency and eco-friendly design. The patented Quadra-burn system burns and re-burns gases and smoke in four different zones for a clean burn. The technology also includes quick startups, lasting burns, clean glass, superheated air igniting flammable gases, and purifying impurities.

How do I choose the perfect wood fireplace for sale from Quadra-Fire?

When choosing the perfect wood fireplace for sale from Quadra-Fire, consider factors like the size of your room, heat output, efficiency, and convenience features. Quadra-Fire designs its fireplaces considering ease of use, functionality, and aesthetics. They also offer a comprehensive operational guide for easy navigation.

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