• Australia’s most efficient
    combustion fires

  • Australia’s most efficient
    combustion fires

Fireplaces Adelaide

Welcome to Quadra-Fire, where we design, manufacture and supply the finest fireplaces in Adelaide. We’ve brought everyone’s favourite cosy tradition into the modern age with our technically advanced, eco-friendly wood fireplaces.

Nothing quite compares to the charm of a wood fireplace, but imagine if you didn’t have to worry about open-flue gas and maintenance. With a traditional look, modern functionality and slow combustion, the Quadra-Fire is the perfect addition to any home or business.

Wood Fireplaces Adelaide for Home and Business

With excellent materials coupled with our patented Quadra-Burn system, our wood fireplaces provide sustainable warmth to our customers. Our range includes the impressive Eco-Choice WINS18 and Quadra-Fire Expedition II Wood fireplace insert, each delivering high heat output bolstered by unrivalled efficiency.

Whether you own a family restaurant or a sleek modern apartment in Adelaide, we have an array of wood fireplaces to match. Our high-performing wood fireplaces in Adelaide will undoubtedly enhance your space and provide you with a cosy and secure atmosphere.


Buy Wood Fireplaces in Adelaide

Looking for premium wood fireplaces in Adelaide? You’ve arrived at the right place. Our Quadra-Fire collection includes various models and designs providing warmth and comfort to suit every home or business owner’s preference.

Our popular Quadra-Fire Expedition II wood fireplace is a sleek addition to any space, transforming it into a warm, inviting haven. Whatever your aesthetic or heating needs, we house a diverse selection of wood fireplaces for sale. Look no further than Quadra-Fire for odourless, smokeless, efficient heating solutions in Adelaide.

We also supply fireplace accessories to ensure that your fireplace is well-maintained and functioning optimally throughout the winter months.

Get Quality and Efficiency with Our Wood Fireplaces in Adelaide

When it comes to comfort, Quadra-Fire sets the bar high. Our fireplaces have been a staple in Adelaide homes and businesses for years due to their durability and energy efficiency. From cool Adelaide winters to relaxed indoors activities, our Quadra-Fire fireplaces create a warm ambience year-round.

Our Quadra-Burn system is instrumental in delivering efficient and clean burns. It ignites gases and smoke in four different areas of the firebox, leaving less ash and residue for you to clean. Enjoy a warm, comfortable space with less effort. Take the step towards a more sustainable home in Adelaide by investing in our high-efficiency wood fireplaces.

Why Turn to Quadra-Fire for Fireplaces in Adelaide?

Invest in a Quadra-Fire fireplace for multiple benefits and robust features:

  • High-Performance Quadra-Burn System: Delivers cleaner burns and lower emissions, with around 91% efficiency.
  • High-Quality Build: Crafted with thick high-grade steel for durability, longevity and consistent performance.
  • Eco-friendly: Our fireplaces are compliant with Clean Air Regulations, promoting greener heating solutions.
  • Wide Selection of Models: Choose from various sizes, designs, and models to match your indoor aesthetic.
  • Excellent customer service: For queries on sales, services, or product support, feel free to call us on 1300 219 875.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Quadra-Fire fireplaces are the perfect choice for cleaner, healthier air in homes and establishments around Adelaide.

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Where can I find premium fireplaces in Adelaide

Where can I find premium fireplaces in Adelaide?

You can discover the finest selection of fireplaces in Adelaide at Quadra-Fire. We offer a wide range of technically advanced and environmentally friendly wood fireplaces.

Are Quadra-Fire’s wood fireplaces in Adelaide suitable for both homes and businesses?

Yes, our wood fireplaces provide sustainable warmth and charm to countless homes and businesses in Adelaide. We have a diverse selection of models and designs to suit every style and requirement.

What makes Quadra-Fire’s wood fireplaces unique in Adelaide?

Our wood fireplaces are uniquely crafted with excellent materials and feature our patented Quadra-Burn system. They offer high heat output, unrivalled efficiency, and emit cleaner burns with lower emissions. They are also environment-friendly, being compliant with Clean Air Regulations

Can I buy Quadra-Fire wood fireplaces from outside of Adelaide?

While our fireplaces are immensely loved by residents of Adelaide, their popularity extends to nearby locations such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Hobart. So, you can absolutely buy our wood fireplaces from outside of Adelaide.

Do Quadra-Fire fireplaces in Adelaide require a lot of maintenance?

No, our Quadra-Burn system leaves less ash and residue, making your fireplace easier to clean. We also offer fireplace accessories to help keep your fireplace well-maintained and functioning optimally throughout the winter months in Adelaide.

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