• Australia’s most efficient
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  • Australia’s most efficient
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Fireplace Accessories Brisbane

When it comes to heating technology, safety is a top priority. We offer a collection of fireplace accessories for properties in Brisbane that will complement your fireplace. Our selection includes VisionLINE flue, VisionLINE Stove Top Oven, and VisionLINE Stove Top Fan, among other top-quality fireplace accessories.

Our flue system helps maintain the right level of heat in your fireplace, providing proper combustion and preventing harmful gases from lingering in your home. This translates into extended burn times and a cleaner fireplace. Whatever you’re looking for, we aim to help you achieve comfort in your home.

VisionLINE Flue – Fireplace Accessory for Safe Heating in Brisbane

Our accessories are manufactured to handle the heat generated by fireplaces, promoting performance for the long-term. The VisionLINE Flue system not only provides safety features, but makes your space look great.

Wherever you reside in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast, the VisionLINE Flue is an excellent accessory to consider.

VisionLINE Stove Top Oven – Brisbane’s Favourite Fireplace Accessory

A stove-top oven is an effective, efficient, and versatile addition to any fireplace system, and the VisionLINE stove-top oven is no exception. This oven captures the heat generated by your stove and turns it into a fully functional oven, allowing you to cook and heat your home at the same time.

The VisionLINE Stove Top Oven is fabricated with heavy-duty materials to handle the high temperatures produced by your stove, bringing a practical and personal touch to your indoor heating. If you’re a homeowner hoping to beat the cold this winter, a fireplace accessory is a big help.


VisionLINE Stove Top Fan – Essential Fireplace Accessories in Brisbane

The VisionLINE Stove Top Fan is another essential fireplace accessory that Brisbane homeowners shouldn’t overlook. This fan sits on top of your stove, powers the blades, and distributes heat evenly throughout your room.

This fan is designed to start operating at a relatively low temperature, which means your room starts to warm up almost as soon as you light your stove.

Why Choose Quadra Fire for Fireplace Accessories in Brisbane?

In comparison to other fireplace providers, why do we stand out?

  • Quality Products: Our fireplace accessories, like the VisionLINE Flue, VisionLINE Stove Top Oven, and VisionLINE Stove Top Fan, are designed for durability and performance.
  • Expertise: With a history dating back to 1985, our commitment to quality has been our guiding principle, and it reflects in each product we offer.
  • Environmentally Friendly Solutions: We are committed to providing eco-friendly heating solutions. All our products comply with clean air regulations and promote fuel-efficient heating.
  • Efficient Service: Our team is always ready to assist. Call us on 1300219875 for assistance with your purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Fireplace Accessories in Brisbane

Where can I find high-quality fireplace accessories for my home in Brisbane?

Quadrafire offers a wide variety of fireplace accessories including the VisionLINE Flue, VisionLINE Stove Top Oven, and VisionLINE Stove Top Fan. All of these products are designed for high performance and durability.

How does the VisionLINE Flue contribute to safe heating in Brisbane homes?

The VisionLINE Flue is an essential fireplace accessory for maintaining safe and efficient heating. It helps regulate the right level of heat, ensures proper combustion, and prevents harmful gases from lingering in your home.

Can I cook using the VisionLINE Stove Top Oven in my Brisbane home?

Absolutely! The VisionLINE Stove Top Oven is not only an effective and efficient heating aid but serves as a fully functional oven. It captures the heat generated by your stove, allowing you to cook while warming your home.

How does the VisionLINE Stove Top Fan help in heat distribution in a Brisbane home?

The VisionLINE Stove Top Fan sits atop your stove and uses the heat to power its blades. This design aids even heat distribution throughout your room.

Why should I choose Quadrafire for my fireplace accessories in Brisbane?

Quadrafire surpasses its competition for its quality products, expertise in non-catalytic wood stove technology and commitment to environmentally-friendly solutions.

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