• Australia’s most efficient
    combustion fires

  • Australia’s most efficient
    combustion fires

Indoor Fireplaces Hobart

If you’ve been searching for quality indoor fireplaces for your property in Hobart, look no further than Quadrafire. We know the importance of finding the perfect fireplace for your home.

One that not only matches your décor but also provides efficient, clean heating. From the traditional 31le to the sleek VisionLINE Phoenix, our range of fireplaces are designed to suit a variety of tastes and requirements. After all, we care about your comfort during the colder months.

Outstanding Range of Indoor Fireplaces in Hobart

We provide an exceptional range of indoor fireplaces. Outfitted with the patented Four-Point Burn System and Automatic Combustion Control technology, the 31le Model provides up to 27 squares of heat. Similarly, the 4300 Millennium’s simple design allows it to fit into any room, delivering performance with its durable design.

Consider the 5700 Step Top if you’re looking for the largest freestanding wood stove in our range. Perfect for large spaces, this wood stove features a maximum burn time of 21 hours. For ease of operation, we recommend Eco-Choice WS18 and WS22. Both of these medium and large wood stoves deliver warmth to your home while being easy to maintain.


Uniquely Designed Fireplaces in Hobart

Our VisionLINE series transforms the outlook of any room. The VisionLINE Circle–known for its simple yet contemporary design–pairs with any decor. Similarly, the VisionLINE Spin not only warms your home but also serves as an aesthetic centrepiece with its unique 360-degree rotation.

The VisionLINE Taurus is feature-rich, bringing together stylish design and efficient radiating heat. If you want to stay warm during winter, choose us for unmatched heating capacity.

Why Choose Quadra-Fire for Indoor Fireplaces in Hobart?

  • Proven Track Record: Quadra-Fire’s wood stoves have consistently been the cleanest burning non-catalytic wood stoves for 20 years.
  • Versatile Collection: Our range of indoor fireplaces offer countless design options to cater to different tastes and home interiors.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our clean-burning technology ensures our fireplaces cause minimal harm to the environment.
  • Efficiency: With an average efficiency rate of 79%, our fireplaces reduce your heating bills.
  • Wide Variety of Models: Our range of models caters to any Hobart homeowner’s needs, with models like the 31le, 4300 Millennium, 5700 Step Top, Eco-Choice WS18, WS22, VisionLINE Circle, VisionLINE Spin, VisionLINE Taurus, Encore, Defiant, 4300 Step Top, and VisionLINE Phoenix.

To browse our quality-built indoor fireplaces in Hobart and to find the perfect heating solution for your home, visit our website or call us on 1300 219 875 today.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Indoor Fireplaces in Hobart

What types of indoor fireplaces do you offer in Hobart?

At Quadrafire, we offer a comprehensive range of indoor fireplaces. Our models include the traditional 31le, sleek VisionLINE Phoenix, 4300 Millennium, 5700 Step Top, Eco-Choice WS18 and WS22, and many more. We also have models from our VisionLINE series that serve as both efficient heat sources and centrepieces for your home.

Can I customise the fireplace I purchased from you?

Yes. Our 4300 Step Top model can be altered to fit your room’s aesthetics perfectly in Hobart.

What sets Quadrafire indoor fireplaces apart from other available options in Hobart?

Quadrafire is renowned for our patented Four-Point Burn System, which re-burns gases and smoke in four separate zones of the firebox, ensuring maximum efficiency. Our fireplaces also perform impressively, with an average efficiency rate of 79%, compared to an industry average of 62%.

Who can install my new Quadrafire indoor fireplace in Hobart?

Choose professionals trained and certified to install indoor fireplaces safely. It’s essential to ensure that they have the requisite clearance to install fireplaces.

Why should I choose Quadrafire for my indoor fireplace needs?

Quadrafire offers a proven track record of providing the cleanest burning, non-catalytic wood stoves in Hobart for over 20 years. Our indoor fireplaces are not only eco-friendly but also efficient, reducing your heating bills. With our wide variety of models, you’re sure to find the perfect fireplace to suit your winter needs.

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