• Australia’s most efficient
    combustion fires

  • Australia’s most efficient
    combustion fires

Fireplaces Hobart

Recognised nationally for our high-quality wood fireplaces, Quadra-Fire is now bringing our world-class services and products to Hobart. We are delivering fireplaces that have been designed and meticulously crafted, ensuring a perfect balance of warmth, style, and efficiency. With Quadra-Fire, you never have to compromise on aesthetics for functionality or vice-versa.

Your Desired Wood Fireplaces Hobart

Our catalogue boasts robust and efficient wood fireplaces that are designed to not only provide exceptional warmth but also serve as a stylish centrepiece for your space. Whether you desire a traditional fireplace or something modern, our diverse range has got you covered.

The Eco-Choice WINS18 Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert is an extraordinary combination of design and efficiency. With its high heat output, it ensures consistent warmth while also helping you save on heating costs, making your winters in Hobart cosier and economical.

If you prefer a traditional-looking yet sleekly designed fireplace, Quadra-Fire Expedition II Wood Fireplace Insert, also known as the Expedition II, would be a perfect choice. As the focal point of any space, it pairs efficiency with an outstanding visual appeal.

In addition, all our wood fireplaces in Hobart come with a ten-year warranty, underlining our confidence in their durability and long-lasting operation.


Fireplaces Hobart: Your Indoor Heating Solution

Our fireplaces deliver efficient heating due to their patented Quadra-Burn system. This unique technology burns and re-burns gases and smoke at four different zones in the firebox, which deliver clean combustion.

As pioneers in Automatic Combustion Control (ACC), we have revolutionised heat-management technology. Our ACC system smartly feeds the fire with air during startup and delivers consistent, efficient burns.

Why Choose Quadra-Fire for Fireplaces in Hobart?

At Quadra-Fire, we not just sell fireplaces but bring warmth, comfort, and style to your homes in Hobart. When selecting us for your fireplace needs, you gain:

  1. Advanced Four-Point Burn Technology: Efficient heating and constant burning catered by smart technology.
  2. Solid and Durable Fireplaces: Built with thick steel, our fireplaces are designed to endure harsh conditions.
  3. Environmentally-Friendly Heating: Our fireplaces are designed to burn cleanly and efficiently, adhering to the clean air regulations.
  4. High Performance: With efficiency as high as 91%, our fireplaces offer substantial savings on heating costs.

If you plan to revamp your home in Hobart or intend to install a fireplace in your new house, consider Quadra-Fire for energy-efficient and stylish heating solutions. Contact us now on 1300 219 875 for any enquiries about our products and services in Tasmania.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Fireplaces Hobart

Why should I choose a Quadra-Fire fireplace in Hobart?

Quadra-Fire fireplaces, renowned nationally for high quality, balanced warmth, style, and efficiency. Built with thick steel to endure harsh conditions, these fireplaces also make use of advanced Four-Point Burn Technology, meeting high efficiency and clean air regulations. They are an optimal choice for heating your Hobart home.

What types of wood fireplaces does Quadra-Fire offer in Hobart?

Quadra-Fire’s range in Hobart includes both traditional and modern wood fireplaces. The Eco-Choice WINS18 Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert and the Quadra-Fire Expedition II Wood Fireplace Insert are two standout options, each promising a beautiful design along with remarkable efficiency.

How energy-efficient are Quadra-Fire’s wood fireplaces in Hobart?

Quadra-Fire’s wood fireplaces in Hobart boast high efficiency, with figures as high as 91%. This is achieved with their patented Quadra-Burn system and Automatic Combustion Control (ACC), which ensures clean and efficient burning.

What are some factors to consider when choosing a wood fireplace in Hobart?

When choosing a wood fireplace for your Hobart home, consider the size of the room, the fireplace location (freestanding or insert), the style you prefer, and whether the fireplace meets efficiency standards.

How can I get a Quadra-Fire Wood Fireplace in Hobart?

Quadra-Fire’s stylish, efficient, and durable fireplaces are available in Hobart. For any enquiries about product or service or for assistance in selecting the perfect fireplace, you can contact Quadra-Fire at 1300 219 875.

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