• Australia’s most efficient
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  • Australia’s most efficient
    combustion fires

Fireplace Accessories Perth

As a provider of fireplace accessories, we have what you need to improve your experience during the winter months.

When considering fireplace accessories, look for products that combine function, durability, and aesthetic appeal. We are proud to offer VisionLINE flue systems, an essential component ensuring the safe and efficient operation of wood fireplaces. After all, we care about the comfort of your home.

Quality Fireplace Accessories

Our VisionLINE Stove Top Oven provides an interesting alternative to traditional oven cooking. Utilising the heat released from the stove, it provides a sustainable cooking option that reduces energy consumption.

For those interested in ensuring heat distribution is balanced throughout the room, the VisionLINE Stove Top Fan serves as an indispensable tool. This fan works silently, distributing warmth emitted by your stove to every corner of your space.


Comprehensive Range of Fireplace Accessories

Not only do we supply excellent-quality flue systems, stove top ovens and fans, but our product range also extends to other fireplace accessories ideal for households in Perth.

Whether you are looking for replacement parts, maintenance necessities or decorative additions, we have a comprehensive selection to choose from. We make sure that your fireplace remains a safe, efficient, and attractive feature in your home.

Why Choose Quadra-Fire for Fireplace Accessories in Perth?

We have a strong commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service. Here’s why more people trust Quadra-Fire for fireplace accessories:

  • Wide Range of Quality Products: We offer various fireplace accessories, ensuring we have the perfect solution for everyone.
  • Environment-Friendly Approach: Our products are designed to maximise efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
  • Superior Customer Service: Our team is always ready to provide expert advice and assistance.

For any inquiries or support, please Contact us at 1300 219 875. Our expert team is standing by, ready to assist and guide you through the process.

Areas We Serve

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Frequently Asked Questions for Fireplace Accessories in Perth

Where can I find quality fireplace accessories in Perth?

Quadra-Fire is a leading provider of quality fireplace accessories Perth, offering a wide range of products like VisionLINE flue systems, stove top ovens and fans to enhance your fireplace experience.

Does Quadra-Fire offer environment-friendly fireplace accessories in Perth?

Yes, Quadra-Fire offers a range of fireplace accessories designed to maximise efficiency and reduce environmental impact, like the VisionLINE Stove Top Oven which provides a sustainable cooking option by utilising the heat released from your wood-burning stove.

What types of fireplace accessories are available at Quadra-Fire in Perth?

Quadra-Fire in Perth offers a comprehensive range of fireplace accessories including flue systems, stove top ovens, fans, replacement parts, maintenance necessities, and decorative additions.

How can I choose the right fireplace accessories from Quadra-Fire?

To ensure you choose the right fireplace accessories, consider the type of fireplace you have and its specific needs. For instance, a strong flue system is necessary for wood-burning stoves. Quadra-Fire’s expert team is also available at 1300 219 875 to guide you.

Can I trust the quality of Quadra-Fire’s fireplace accessories?

Absolutely. Quadra-Fire has established a strong reputation across Australia for offering durable and high-quality fireplace accessories. We always value customer feedback.

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