5 Reasons a Fire Won’t Ignite

Having trouble getting your fire to ignite? There are several factors that you need to consider when trying to start a fire. It can take a while to become a master fire starter, but until then make sure you’re not making any of these common errors, which could be the reasons for your fire’s failure.

  • Closed/ partially closed damper

For the best fire results, you need to make sure that your damper is open all the way so that your fire has enough airflow and oxygen to burn. A damper is the valve or plate that stops or regulates the flow of air inside of your fireplace.

  • Wood that’s too wet or green

The best type of wood to burn in a wood-burning stove or fireplace is wood that’s brown and dry. The type of wood you use is imperative to get a good fire going. If the wood is still green (young wood) or too wet, your fire may burn, but it will be extremely smoky. The chimney may be unable to carry out all of the smoke if too much is produced too quickly, and the fire may be smothered.

  • A cold chimney

If you’ve experienced very cold temperatures lately, this could be the reason why you’re battling to light your fire. The incoming cold air in your chimney may be spreading to your fireplace and making it difficult to light. You may also experience excess smoke as the cold air is not allowing the warm, smoky air to pass.

  • Too little tender

It’s very difficult to start a good fire with just big chunks of wood. You also need bits of small flammable twigs, known as tender to help you get your fire going. You can also use newspaper and resinous fatwood to assist in kindling your fire.

  • An old fireplace

If your fireplace is too old, it may not be effective in facilitating the lighting of a fire. Quadra-Fire fireplaces have a four-point burner system that allows for a fast lighting fire. The Precision Start Up feature send air quickly to the heart of the fire.

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