Benefits of A Quadra-Fire Slow Combustion Fireplace

There are clear benefits to owning a Quadra-Fire slow combustion fireplace. Not only are they incredibly efficient, they offer long burn times and great heat output. Choose from a freestanding or insert style fireplace, and there are a variety of sizes available so an appropriate fit can be found for your home. In some cases, slow combustion fireplaces are used as the sole heat source in a home where gas heating is not available or a practical option.

The average household in southern Australia (with a wood fire) will burn between 4 to 6 tonnes of wood each heating season. The average slow combustion unit on the Australian market has an efficiency rating of around 60%, compared to Quadra-Fire’s which is up to 82%. This equates to around 2 to 2 tonnes of firewood being saved each year by using a Quadra-Fire. With the typical price of firewood in metropolitan areas of around $270 per tonne, this can mean a saving of between $540 and $670 each year.

Quadra-Fire fireplaces also feature Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) and a four point burn system as standard. ACC technology is an advanced heat-management system, feeding the fire with air when it’s needed most, for precision start-up and consistent, long burns. Whether you are starting a cold stove, or reloading for a long burn, ACC provides the extra air to start the burning process, then turns down to your desired rate. The patented Quadra-Fire Four Point Burn System produces intense rolling flames, and the four combustion cycles extend the heat, enhance the fire and increase efficiency for long lasting performance.

These features and more, make Quadra-Fire the standout choice when choosing a slow combustion fireplace. For more information, please visit, call 1300 219 875 or visit our showroom at 444 Swan Street in Richmond.