What Are The Environmental Effects Of A Wood Burning Fireplace?

For many people, the misconceptions of the environmental impacts of a wood burning fireplace prevent them from experiencing the true benefits of what a wood heater can offer.

More often than not, environmental concerns such as increasing air pollution are associated to wood-burning fireplaces; however, these outdated assumptions are often not entirely true.

We take a look at three arguments that suggest positive environmental effects of burning wood as a fuel source.

  1. Tree harvesting clears out woodlands and forests

This can be a potential concern if people clear-cut woody areas irresponsibly. But this is not standard practice. Foresters take great care to ensure that they manage these woodlands effectively and by carefully selecting which trees to fell, they create healthier and more sustainable woodlands.

  1. Burning wood as fuel contributes to air pollution

Burning wood ineffectively or using inadvisable types of firewood such as wet, treated or painted wood, crates and plywood is a cause for concern. Proper wood burning techniques ensure that wood is burnt cleanly with little negative impact to the environment. These include thoroughly drying out wood before it is burned, proper storage of wood and using a wood fireplace as per manufacturer’s guidance and instructions. Using a unit with a higher efficiency rating, which Quadra-fire prides itself on, will ensure that your burns are cleaner.

  1. The release of particulate matter into the air

Modern, technologically-enhanced wood-burning fireplaces are carefully designed to severely limit the release of any harmful particles into the air. Homeowners can take positive steps by seeing that their fireplaces are well-maintained to ensure efficient operation.

Burning wood as a fuel source has numerous advantages and those who only point out negative concerns ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’. Burning wood means we rely less on coal or other fuel sources which are continually becoming depleted.

Find a modern environmentally-friendly wood burning fireplace at Quadrafire. You’ll find the perfect heater for your home amongst our diverse range.

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