Does Having A Fireplace In Your House Add Value To Your Property?

Having a fireplace installed in your Melbourne home WILL add significant value to your home, and can even become the focal selling point of your house. By adding a fireplace, the benefit of its value to your home will be more than worth the time and money you spend to have it installed. Here’s how:


  • Value

There is no question, especially after several surveys conducted over recent years, that a fireplace adds value to a home. Furthermore, recent research has also confirmed that many buyers look for or ask if a fireplace is installed. It’s certainly not the main factor that is considered when looking for a new home, but it can help your property attract great interest.

  • What to consider

Before you take the plunge and decide to install a fireplace, do your research and find out which fireplace is best suited to your home. You definitely need to know what the practical aspects of installing a fireplace in your home are, as this can affect your options.

  • Costs

If you want efficient and quality fireplaces that deliver the best heat and look great, it can cost you a few thousand dollars – but the rewards and benefits of a fireplace outweigh any amount you spend, since it serves as an attractive focal point for buyers. Plus, you get all the benefits of the fireplace for the entirety of your time living in that home, such as warmth during the freezing winter months and a great attraction for your guests.

  • Enhancement

It is well and good to add a fireplace to your home, but the location of the fireplace needs to be more strategic if you want to make the best return when selling your property. The living-room is the obvious choice. But have you considered including a fireplace in a study or potentially the bedroom? It could add such a cosy feel to the room, enhancing your home to a greater value.

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the installation and the choice of the fireplace must be carefully considered. You want to add a fireplace not merely for comfort, but also for design and décor purposes, which will add great resale value to your home.

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