Here’s How You Can Safeguard Against House Fires And Still Have A Wonderfully Warm Winter!

Winter has definitely arrived, and nothing makes a cold day as bearable as the crackle of a fireplace. Enjoying the warmth of a fire during the cold season does have safety concerns that you have to be aware of, as an untended fire that gets out of control can pose a deadly hazard to you and your family, and wreak havoc on your home.


In just three minutes, a runaway fire can spread through a home, burning at temperatures as high as 800 degrees Celsius. This fact alone means you cannot ignore the dangers a fire poses, but by ensuring you adhere to some safety tips, you can enjoy your fireplace throughout the winter.
First of all, you should ensure that you have a working smoke detector in your home, and that they are placed in all bedrooms or other sleeping areas.

Smoke detectors are incredibly effective at preventing a loss of life, but ideally you want to prevent a fire from starting in the first place. This means that as the temperatures drop, you have to ensure that your fireplace has received the required maintenance for it to function correctly.

If you have wood burning fireplace, make sure that your flue isn’t blocked, and that flammable material, like clothes, are at least two metres from the source of heat. You should always make sure that the minimum clearances from combustibles are met.

A fireplace isn’t the only cause of house fires.. The majority of house fires begin in the kitchen, which means you shouldn’t leave pots unattended on a stove or the oven simply burning away and heating up.

Also, electrical faults can also be a common cause of house fires. So make sure you check your plugs regularly, and don’t place extension cords under carpets or mats.

If you have any questions, or want to learn more about how you can ensure that your house is fire safe this winter, do not hesitate to contact your local fire station, or visit their websites for further fire safety tips.

Almost all house fires can be avoided completely if you remember to adhere to domestic safety regulations. Be safe and sensible and you’ll enjoy a cozy winter in front of your fireplace without worry.