Eco-Choice WINS18

With its impressively high heat output, the Eco-Choice WINS18 Wood-burning Fireplace Insert helps you save money on heating. It simplifies your life, too, thanks to easy operation and maintenance and long burn times for each load. Expect quality you can see and feel, with classic cast iron styling in a neat, compact unit. The WINS18 is Australia’s most efficient wood insert!

Standard Features

  • Up to 21sq heating capacity
  • Average of 77% heating efficiency
  • Up to 8 hours burn time
  • 1.1 grams/kg emissions
  • Primary and Secondary combustion technology for cleaner burns and less maintenance
  • No catalytic converter

The Eco-Choice WINS18 is available from distributors in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Western Australia.
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More Info

Eco-Choice WINS18
Burn rate1.0 grams/kg
Firebox Capacity2.0 cu. ft.
Clearances – Straight back against wall
Back wall to fireN/A
Side wall to fireN/A
Clearances – Corner Installation
Wall to fireN/A