Top Decorating Design Ideas for Your Wood Fireplace Mantle

Do you ever give the mantelpiece above your fireplace much thought? It’s the ideal area for creating a decorative space in your home and express your taste. However, how exactly should you decorate it? As fireplace experts, Quadra-Fire has a few innovative ideas on how to bring this space above your wood burning fireplace to life.

See our 5 tips for decorating your fireplace mantle.

  • Lighting 

We know that your fireplace is already creating a crackling light all on its own, but why not enhance it and light up the room even further? The mantle above your wood burning fireplace is the perfect place for displaying your favourite candles. It’s also a great place to hang some fairy lights for a magical atmosphere. Just be careful of the heat that’s emitted so that you’re bulbs don’t burst.

  • The Personal Touch

Have some family heirlooms or photos wasting away in a crate in the attic? Put them on display! To create that personal touch, add family photos, special ornaments and treasured keepsakes to your mantle. It’s a great way to personalise your home and make it unique to you and your family.

  • Mirrors

Placing a mirror above the mantelpiece is a straightforward, yet effective design idea that makes the room appear bigger than it is and reflects other design elements you may have placed in the room back at you. This is something that works well in small or awkwardly spaced rooms your fireplace may be in.

  • Flowers

If you have a lovely garden that produces flowers all year round, you may want to turn your mantelpiece into an area to display these gifts from the outdoors. Find a vase that suits your fancy and start picking flowers. This simple aesthetic is sure to make the room a cheerier place, and your unique style of arranging them will set it apart.

  • Seasonal Decorations

If seasonal decorating makes you excited, reserve the mantel above your wood burning fire exclusively for this. Christmas stockings can appear there at Christmas, carved pumpkins and spooky decorations can feature at Halloween and hearts and balloons can be placed on it during Valentine’s Day. It’s one way to have your home feeling festive all year round.

While your mantle might be traditional, your fireplace itself won’t be, especially if you’ve installed a Quadra-Fire state-of-the-art fireplace. We make use of new technologies to bring you environmentally safe, and aesthetically appealing fireplaces that fit in any home.

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