Top Tips For Stacking Wood In Your Fireplace

Picture the scene. An icy wind is blowing outside, and the rain is forcing the temperature down into single figures. Inside, the family is settling in for the evening; you’ve found the perfect Netflix movie to watch and the popcorn and hot chocolate smell incredible. It should be the perfect winter evening, but you haven’t stacked the fire correctly, and it isn’t heating up the room!

Don’t ruin winter days and evenings because you’re stacking wood in the fireplace like an amateur. Use our tips to build a perfect, roaring fire, and you’ll be the hero of the family.

Here’s what you need to know:

To create a roaring fire, you need to stack the wood the right way so that the fire gets enough oxygen and all the pieces of wood to ignite to build up the heat.

The benefits of a Quadra-Fire wood burning fireplace means they do not need to be completely clean when relighting, the old traces of fire help act as firebricks to help warm the fire up.

Start small

You may think that it’s best to start with the big pieces of wood, but the opposite is true. You need to place the smaller pieces of wood horizontally on the base of the grate. Small pieces of wood ignite faster than large ones, enabling the heat to build up in the fireplace quickly.

Give the fire breathing space

Using the dampener and air control valves you can effectively close the door and let the air circulate to ensure the fire burns correctly. – just some of the features of a Quadra-Fire.

Bring on the big guns

Now that the fire is burning well, you can start adding the bigger pieces of wood, just don’t throw them all on at once. You can create space between the lower small pieces and the larger pieces you’re adding now by laying the wood at different angles.

Now you can relax and bask in the warmth of the perfect fire. If your fire is still not burning properly it could be an issue with your fireplace. Consult the experts at Quadra-Fire today!