5 Reasons Why Your Fire Wont Ignite

Having trouble getting your fire to ignite? There are several factors that you need to consider when trying to start a fire. It can take a while to become a master fire starter, but until then make sure youre not making any of these common errors, which could be the reasons for your fires failure.

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Why You Should Be Careful About Storing Your Firewood Inside

Creating a roaring fire is not only dependent on an efficient wood burning fireplace, but also on the type of firewood you use. You need to ensure that firewood is stored in an area away from the elements to keep it dry and ready for burning. You can create stylish firewood storage in your home that is an interior design feature in itself, but you need to be careful when storing your firewood inside.

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Three Places To Install A Fireplace Other Than Your Living Room

You cant beat the ambience created by a crackling fire. The scent of burning wood, the glow and the warmth are enough to make you forget about the cold world outside as you snuggle up in your living room. But theres no need to limit the pleasures of a wood fireplace to only one space. Tradition has always dictated placement in the living room, but who says you cant enjoy the comforts of a fireplace in any number of other rooms too? Lets take a look at three different rooms in which you can install a fireplace other than your living room.

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Have You Checked Your Chimney For Creosote Build-Up?

Youve probably been using your fireplace in the cold season and will continue to do so until the Australian summer arrives. Theres nothing like a slow-burning wood fire to bring radiant heat and life to your home, but the combustion process can leave a deposit behind in your chimney that must be cleaned out for the sake of your familys health and safety. Read more