3 Hot Tips For Buying Firewood

A great wood fire roars and crackles, radiating heat throughout a room, however you can’t expect a fire to burn efficiently by itself. There are a few factors to consider when building a great fire and a major consideration, after purchasing a good quality wood fireplace, is the wood itself.

If you’re struggling to create a roaring fire, you might need to check on the quality of your wood. Follow these tips for buying firewood, and you’ll be enjoying magnificent fires every day.

  1. Buy the right kind of wood

Not all wood is ideal for burning in a fireplace. You need to choose a dense wood that burns consistently and slowly so that the heat can build. Maple and oak are the best choices, but poplar and ash are also suitable, however they burn faster.

Avoid pine or spruce, which contain a lot of resin. As a result, they produce creosote when they burn, which is highly flammable. Creosote builds up in the flue and is a fire and safety hazard because the fumes it emits are toxic. Also, avoid any processed woods like hardboard or plywood as their fumes are also poisonous. The same applies to any wood that has been painted or glued together.

  1. Check how the wood has been stored

For a perfect fire, the wood must be completely dry. If the wood has been stored in an open area and exposed to the elements, avoid it. Also check for rot, as it will result in a very unpleasant aroma.

  1. Go for seasoned wood

Like wine, wood gets better with age. The bark from newly hewn trees will contain a lot of moisture, which is the perfect recipe for a very smoky fire that doesn’t burn effectively.

The best wood is that which has been aged for nine to twelve months to make sure all moisture is gone. This wood will burn with minimal smoke and provide a lot of heat. Seasoned wood is hard to the touch, cracked and light.

If you’ve chosen the perfect wood and are still struggling to create a roaring fire, it may be time to have your chimney cleaned, or your wood fireplace replaced. Discover the Quadra-Fire difference here.