How To Update Your Old Wood Fireplace

If you have an old wood fireplace in your home, you may think that the best thing to do would be to haul it out, brick in the space and instead use a conventional heater for warmth. However, there are several ways to give your old fireplace a makeover while still keeping its rustic character.

  1. Build a mantle

If you have a wood fireplace insert, you can take advantage of the bare space around it by building a mantle, which is the decorative framework that sits over a fireplace and can be made of marble, limestone, granite or wood. Often a mantle will create a shelf above the fireplace that is perfect for you to display photo frames, vases and candles. This will give your old fireplace a stylish makeover and make it the feature of the room.

  1. Update the hearth

The hearth is the area in front of your wood fireplace on the floor that is usually covered in tiles or stone to protect the ground from heat. You can have fun with this area because there are so many different designs and colours that you could choose from. If you have a period style home, why not use a vintage patterned tile to keep it in the style of the fireplace. If you have a modern home, a marble or granite hearth will add an element of luxury to your old fireplace.

  1. Replace it

More often than not, old wood burning fireplaces can be quite inefficient in keeping your house warm. Rather than removing it completely, you can replace it with a Quadra-Fire fireplace. We have a range of modern and traditional looking insert and freestanding fireplaces that are all energy efficient, environmentally friendly and look great!

A wooden fireplace adds a charming feature to any room in the house. Get in touch with Quadra-Fire to make your old wood fireplace the heart of your home once again.