5 Lesser Known Techniques For A More Efficient Clean Burning Wood Fire

Wood burning stoves remain a popular choice for keeping a home cosy and toasty. With this solid fuel-sourced appliance the one commonly asked question is ‘how do you ensure a clean burning wood fire’?

Do you have to bust your hump in the labour-intensive tasks of cutting, splitting and storing wood? Not necessarily so. Fire up your wood burning fireplace without the tears and frustration with the help of these 5 easy to implement tips.

  1. Pack wood efficiently

In order to maximise the available space within the wood fireplace, it is helpful if wood is first cut to a suitable size for your firebox. The logs should then be packed in the suitable configuration into the stove so that the burning chamber is filled adequately.

  1. Take care not to burn unseasoned wood

Burning wood that has not been seasoned or dried out properly is a big factor in using wood inefficiently. Wood fuel should be dried out at least a year in advance for it to burn effectively. Also take care when storing wood. It should be stored under cover and out of direct exposure to the elements.

  1. Use an efficient kindling technique

As part of lighting a fire properly, your kindling technique is important. Make use of a logical arrangement such as positioning smaller pieces of kindling crosswise on top of wood that has a pocket of paper between them.

  1. Use air intake to your advantage

Most slow combustion wood fireplaces on the market have features that allow you to adjust the air intake on the unit. Use this to your advantage by feeding the fire to get it going, then turning airflow down for a long, steady burn. Your manufacturer will have the best information on when to use this feature.

  1. Ensure you install a compliant certified wood burning stove

Certified wood fire places have been thoroughly tested to ensure consumers receive a model that meets industry standards in energy efficiency and safety.

Make heating your wood burning fire more efficient and effective with these 5 techniques and a slow combustion wood fire could be the best investment you could make for a more comfortable home. Looking to install a wood burning fireplace? Quadra-Fire has the best range of modern wood fireplaces in Melbourne.