3 Basic Essentials You Need To Know When Using Wood Burning Stoves

Here are 3 introductory lessons every newbie needs to learn to make optimal use of a wood burning stove.

This will all depend on the size of your firebox. Obviously, the larger the firebox the more wood you will need. Make sure you use the right size logs recommended by the manufacturer. Building your fire correctly will help achieve optimum burn time and heat output.

These 3 simple methods to using wood burning fires will ensure you increase the level of comfort in a home. For the best modern slow combustion wood burning range, make Quadra-Fire your preferred supplier.

  1. Ensure that the stove is properly installed and that there is adequate ventilation.
  2. Only burn dry, seasoned wood in the stove. Wet or green wood will produce more smoke and will be less effective at heating your home.
  3. Have your stove serviced regularly to ensure that it is operating safely and efficiently