5 Ways to Tell if Your Wood Burning Fireplace is Efficient

A wood burning fireplace is a great way to keep your home warm, but can you tell if your fireplace is working efficiently? Sure, the house may feel warm but if your fireplace isn’t working efficiently, it can end up costing you money and cause excess pollution. Here are five way to tell if your wood burning fireplace is working efficiently.

  1. The temperature

If your wood fireplace isn’t working efficiently, you might notice that it takes a lot more wood and effort by you to keep the house warm. This could be due to a number of factors including using logs that aren’t dry enough, overloading the fire and having an inefficient fireplace.

  1. Smoke

Excessive chimney smoke is a sign of fuel wastage, so pay attention to the amount of chimney smoke produced by your fire. To avoid wasting fuel, don’t overload your fireplace. Too much wood means there won’t be enough air available for the wood to burn efficiently and you’ll end up using more than necessary, costing you money. The great thing about a Quadra-Fire fireplace is that it should not smoke if used correctly, helping to reduce air pollution.

  1. Your chimney is clean

Clean and service your fireplace before every winter – this prevents avoidable problems and optimises efficiency. Include a chimney check for creosote (a tarry residue) and clean it thoroughly before using. This is a necessary safety check as creosote is highly flammable. If your chimney has a build-up of creosote, it means that your fireplace isn’t burning the wood efficiently and is likely on a lower air setting causing the fire to smoulder. It also is a fire hazard being that it can cause what is known as a “flue fire” which is very dangerous.

  1. Your fuel usage is increased

If you are going through your wood pile faster than you can buy them, this could be a sign your wood isn’t suitable for burning. Well-seasoned wood is best for an efficient burn with hardwood being the best choice. Because the density of softwoods is about half that of hardwoods, you would need almost twice the volume of wood to contribute about the same amount of heat. Stack your wood under shelter in a sunlit area for the most favourable storage conditions.

  1. You’re using a slow combustion wood burner

Slow combustion wood burners are unparalleled in efficiency. They produce heat in a controlled environment and consume fuel at a slower rate.

If you think your wood burning fireplace needs to be replaced, consider a Quadra-Fire wood burning fireplace or insert. Visit our website to discover why our wood burning stoves are the most efficient in Australia.