Why A Slow Combustion Wood Fire Is Better Than an Open Wood Fire

With energy prices slowly rising, everyone is becoming more cost-conscious. A wood burning fireplace is a great way to keep costs down, however, not every wood fireplace is created equal. If you have a wood burning fireplace, how can you be sure it is burning wood efficiently?

A slow combustion wood fire is probably the most effective wood fire on the market and is a lot more efficient than an open wood fire due to advancing technology which improves how the wood burns. Here is why you should you should consider a slow combustion wood fire over an open wood fire.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Burning wood for fire doesn’t mean you need to burn a hole in your pocket. Slow burners, on average, use one third less wood than open fires for the same heat.

  1. Excellent Efficiency

Slow combustion wood burners have an excellent efficiency rating because they make optimal use of fuel. Air feeds directly into the coal bed which provides a quick start-up and a complex burn. With an open wood fire, air is readily available meaning your fire will burn quicker. In a slow combustion fireplace, jets of pre-heated air provide oxygen to the area just above the baffle, igniting impurities from the wood and capturing heat that normally escapes up the chimney.

  1. Less Mess and Maintenance

Using less firewood means less ash is produced and it also means less cleaning. Open wood fires also have the potential to spit out ash whereas a slow combustion wood fire has a closed door, keeping all the ash safely inside.

  1. Fewer Carbon Emissions

Wood burners use significantly less fuel, and so creates fewer carbon emissions, which makes them an excellent, environmentally-friendly choice. The airtight design of wood burners minimises the escape of smoke and other polluting emissions, while you have no control over this with an open fire.

  1. Perfect for any room

As freestanding structures, Quadra-Fire’s slow wood burners will fit perfectly into any part of the home. From the classic fireplace to a more contemporary placement in a study or even a bathroom our products are designed to work in any room, and with any decor style.

A slow combustion wood fireplace is the best choice for your home. Discover the range of fireplaces and fire inserts at Quadra-Fire. Find a distributor near you today.