Advice To Keep Your Children Safe Around Fireplaces

Fireplaces are very common in Melbourne, and they add such an elegant feel and sense of style to your home. The luxury it offers, not only in winter, is an element of the home that also adds value if ever a homeowner decides to sell.

However, what you must bear in mind is that a fireplace comes with certain hazards that can be very dangerous for children and pets.

  • Keep an eye

Children must be watched, not only when there are imminent dangers. Keeping an eye on your children is the best measure of protection. Or if the child has an older sibling, inform him or her that the child must stay away from the fire. But keeping an eye on your child is often not practical since your eyes will be focused on other things at times.

  • Barrier options

There are options for child and pet safety that may not diminish the aesthetic look of your fireplace. Such options are freestanding screens and gates. Glass doors are elegant and will prevent the child from touching the flames. However, the glass door on a slow combustion fireplace will be extremely hot, so it’s important to keep children away from the fire so they will not be tempted to touch the glass. Gates or screens are the best way to prevent child or animal harm. There are a variety of designs available to match your surroundings.

  • Soft landing

Children often tumble and falling near a fire could be very harmful for your child. To prevent such an incident, it’s important to teach your children not to play near the fire when it is in operation.

Education is important. Teaching your children fire safety and knowledge is also a good way to prevent any accidents.Instead of telling your children not to go to the fireplace, why not consider informing them of the dangers and explaining what hot means and how it can hurt them.

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