Three Benefits Of A Fireplace With Automatic Combustion Control

New, modern fireplaces have evolved in line with the rapid development of technology. Quadra-Fire, an innovative home heater company, is leading the way in regards to cleaner, healthier and cheaper alternatives for your wood burning fireplace. Technology called Automatic Combustion Control is an advanced air control system that has three benefits for you:

  • Feeds the fire

With Automatic Combustion Control, the system feeds the fire when air is needed the most, and then controls it for a steady, lasting fire.

  • Set and forget

The Automatic Combustion Control not only controls the amount of air that enters to feed the fire, but it also initiates a timer that automatically shuts down the start up air after around 20 minutes.

  • Ultimate control over your fire

Not only do you have ACC as standard on a Quadra-Fire unit, burn you also have a secondary burn rate control for the fireplace. This top-level provides the air that continuously feeds the fire during its burn cycle.

All this technology means you have a slow-combustion fire with the performance and great burns that you would expect from Quadra-Fire. For any other information about this innovative product, feel free to contact any of our distributors from Victoria to South Australia.