Common Myths About Wood Burning Fireplaces

Wood burning fireplaces have been around for centuries and are a popular form of heating used all over the world. Due to their popularity, there are many misconceptions about wood burning fireplaces. Here are a few falsehoods debunked.

  • You’ll only use it during winter

Many people believe that getting a wood burning fireplace is a waste of money as they’ll only use it for a quarter of the year. This myth is untrue as many owners of wood burning fireplaces enjoy their warmth in Spring and Autumn as well as on cooler Summer evenings. The heat of the fireplace can be controlled by both the amount and the type of wood that you put into the fireplace, allowing you to find the perfect temperature.

  • They’re unsafe

As with any fireplace, the key to ensuring it is safe is by following these steps. The first step would be to ensure you are purchasing a high-quality fireplace from a reputable wood burning fireplace brand like Quadra-Fire. The second step is to have your fireplace installed by a trustworthy, licensed installer. The third step is to keep up with the maintenance of both your fireplace and chimney. For a safer wood-burning fireplace, choose an insert or freestanding fireplace with a door.

  • Bad air quality

No one wants to have bad quality within their home, and wood burning fires have long been blamed for creating smoky air that can irritate the lungs. While this may have been true in the past, clean burn technology and automatic combustion control allow you to enjoy the warmth and comfort of fireplaces in your home with none of the bad side effects on the air. This new technology has radically reduced the environmental impact of modern fireplaces too.

Wood-burning fireplaces are a charming and useful addition to any home. The modern wood-burning fireplace is becoming a popular choice among Melbourne homeowners. Want to learn more about the wood-burning fireplaces available at Quadra-Fire? Visit our website today!