Making the Most of Your Fireplace This Summer

In winter, your wood burning fireplace is a cozy corner in your home, filled with a crackling fire and luxurious warmth. When the weather warms up, it can become a sooty dead zone, as it’s too hot to light a fire. Instead of letting your fireplace gather dust and go unused during the summer months, here are some ideas of what you can do with the space.

Clean It

Summer is the perfect time to give your fireplace a clean as you’re unlikely to be using it. Cleaning your fireplace is essential to ensure that it remains safe and to prevent it from becoming a fire hazard, but remember that it should be cleaned ever so slightly to remove the top few layers of ash which creates a firebrick. The chimney itself should also undergo an extensive clean. If you’re unsure of how to do this yourself, remember that you can get expert assistance of a chimney sweeper.

Decorate It

Instead of leaving your fireplace looking empty and sad, why not decorate it with a vase of flowers or a bundle of wood? This way it doesn’t look useless and breathes new life into your living or dining area. Depending on your choice in flowers and your creativity, there are hundreds of fresh summer looks you can achieve with your fireplace.

Store In It

The fireplace makes for a great little storage space after the colder months have passed, especially for your excess wood. Organise a nice set of logs into it, which can also help dry the logs ready for the next season, and that way the fireplace doesn’t look empty.

Add Books To It

During the summer holidays, we’re sure that you’ll be doing a lot of holiday reading. You can quickly turn your unused fireplace into a little bookshelf and transform the space around it into a reading nook.

Put Candles In It

While you may not want to light a roaring fire when the weather is hot, you may find yourself missing the warm glow that the fire gave the room. To replace this feeling, you could light a few candles in the fireplace in the evenings to create an appealing atmosphere without the heat.

If you don’t yet have a fireplace and would like to invest in one before the temperature plummets, now is as good a time as any to install one. Quadra-Fire uses innovative technologies to bring you safe and stylish fireplaces that are environmentally friendly and can efficiently heat your home.