What is a Four-Point Burn System and Why is it So Popular Amongst Melbourne Wood Fireplace Owners?

How familiar are you with the terms used when discussing fireplaces? You probably know that the vent is the exhaust duct and the flue is the pipe allowing the smoke to move from your fireplace to your chimney. If you’ve been considering purchasing a Quadra-Fire wooden fireplace now that the temperatures are starting to drop, you might have heard about our Four-Point Burn System. What is this system and why is it so popular amongst Victorian homeowners?

Four Point Burn System Wood Fireplace Technology

Over the years, slow-combustion wood fireplaces have improved in leaps and bounds. While the core mechanisms have remained the same (using air and combustion to feed the flames), the technologies used in fireplaces have become smarter. This is where the Quadra-Fire wood stove Four-Point Burn System comes into play. It’s a system that is meant to optimise your fireplace’s performance (provided you follow recommendations by using dry wood and having your fireplace flued correctly) by creating powerful and sustained flames.

With a Quadra-Fire wooden fireplace, a Four-Point Burn System ensures that there are four separate combustion cycles to ensure that you can look forward to a longer-lasting and overall superior-performing fireplace (in comparison with most competitors). The patented Four-Point Burn System produces intense rolling flames, and the combustion cycles extend the heat and increase efficiency for durable, long-lasting performance.

The first stage commences when you start up your Quadra-Fire wooden fireplace. It’s designed to quickly route airflow to the heart of the fire for a quick start. The second stage is when a blast of air is pushed behind the door of your fireplace to keep the initial combustion going while providing a buffer between the glass and flames (making cleaning easier later). The third stage is where this hot air ignites the gases being produced by the burning wood. The fourth and final stage is when any released air impurities are pushed above the baffle to be burnt, before exiting through the flue.

Four Point Burn System Fireplace Technology

The Four-Point Burn System is geared towards using the fire to its full potential, making sure you can enjoy warmth and flames much quicker. Now that you know what the Four-Point Burn System does, how could you possibly not want to join the many people who already enjoy it?