Why A Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Is The Perfect Winter Accessory!

A fireplace is so much more than something to keep a chilly room warm in winter. It is a functional accessory that has the ability to create an ambience in a room that draws people in, making them want to linger longer. If you are considering installing a wood burning fireplace insert in your living space as the weather starts getting cooler, consider the fact that not only is it a functional heater – it is also a fully-fledged winter accessory.

Many people with old existing fireplaces in their homes don’t find them comfortable to use in winter. It doesn’t heat a room up evenly – those in the corners experience cold drafts while those closer to the flames get uncomfortably hot.

With a wood burning fireplace insert, you can use the space previously housing an open wood fireplace to insert a powerful slow combustion fire. These kinds of inserts are usually made from cast iron or steel (including Quadrafire’s Voyageur Grand and Eco-Choice WINS18) with a glass door. The glass door helps insulate the flames, so you can see them while enjoying more evenly spread heat via convection and radiation. This means that even a small and humble slow combustion wood burning fireplace insert can warm a room for hours, with the added benefit of not impacting the quality of the breathing air in a room.

All these features make an insert the perfect accessory for winter.  You don’t have to worry about something or someone getting burnt if it gets too close to the flames (as the flames are safely behind a glass door) and it also keeps the air in the room easy to breathe. It also lets everyone in the room enjoy its warmth –and not just those sitting in the path of the fireplace.

If you want a fireplace that truly becomes a part of your living space as an accessory, then choose a wood burning fireplace insert.