What Gives Your Fireplace Its Characteristic Crackle?

If you take a look at popular sleep sound machines and even online music sites, you’re bound to find several sound clips of ocean waves breaking, rain falling on leaves and, of course, wood crackling as it burns. If you own a Quadra-fire, you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy this authentic sound in the comfort of your home without venturing outside. Have you ever wondered what exactly makes wood give off this comforting noise when it’s being burnt? Allow us to explain why…

The science behind the crackle

When wood burns, it creates flames and heat, which is something that you will already know. But what creates the crackle and smell that immediately makes you think of a cosy fireplace?

No piece of wood is completely dry and all wood logs and pieces will contain some moisture and sap inside it. When this wood is burned, the heat from the fire makes these trapped pockets of moisture boil and become steam. Eventually, the pressure must find release, and the wood cracks slightly to let out the moisture and release the pressure. This sound is the snapping, crackling and popping you hear when wood is burning, but it occurs on a level where the changes aren’t outwardly visible.

Choosing wood

As the owner of a Quadra-fire you’ll know how important it is to choose the right wood for your fireplace. You’ll need to choose wood that is a hardwood, and if you’re looking to burn your wood soon after burning it, ensuring it is split and seasoned. If not, you can split and dry your firewood yourself. You should only burn wood with a moisture content of 15-20%. Any more, and your wood will not burn as efficiently as properly seasoned wood.

For more information on how to get the most out of your Quadra-Fire fireplace, contact your local dealer or visit Quadra-Fire.

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