How To Become A Quadra-Fire Fireplace Master

Investing in your wood-burning fireplace was a good decision to make, and as long as you follow the provided instructions in terms of what wood to burn, how to maintain your fireplace and how to troubleshoot potential problems, you’ll have years of enjoyment ahead of you. If you’d like to take things one step further and truly become a master at the art of using a wood-burning fireplace, we’ve compiled a few tips worth exploring.

Before you have your Quadra-Fire installed

Summer is a great time of year to have your fireplace installed, as that way you generally won’t have to wait as long for installation, and your fireplace will be ready to use when the first bout of cold weather hits. Identify your needs for your fireplace, do you require an inbuilt style or freestanding? What heat capacity or burn time are you looking for? This will help your representative recommend the best-suited fireplace for your needs.

Before you purchase wood

For your fireplace to maintain peak performance, it’s crucial you are burning the right type of firewood. The only firewood you should be burning is split and seasoned hardwood, with a moisture content of around 15%-20%. To check if your firewood is good to burn, you can purchase a moisture metre to measure the moisture levels. You can also check that the wood you have has cracks radiating in all directions from the centre and that if you knock two pieces together that they make a sharp crack sound.

Before you light your first fire

Now that you have the right firewood and are ready to get started, make sure you’re familiar with the recommended firing process. Check your owner’s manual for instructions on how to build and light your fire.

Between fires

You now have all the tips you need to get a good fire going and are no doubt dying to have people over to show off your skills. Before you do this, make sure your Quadra-Fire is kept neat and clean but don’t remove the ash bed from inside it. This layer actually works as an insulator, which will make it much easier to start a fire in the future.

By implementing these tips above, you’ll soon be lighting fireplaces like you’ve been doing it your entire life!

For more information about your Quadra-Fire fireplace, feel free to get in contact with us anytime!