What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Wood Heater

With the cost of wood on the rise, the Australian Government, through its Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria, has provided guidelines on how best to secure an efficient heating solution for your home or business.

Therefore, before you purchase your next fireplace, here are some key points from EPA Victoria for you to consider:

  • Save money by ensuring your home is well-insulated. According to the Authority, it is estimated that 70% of heat loss is attributed to the poor insulation of ceilings and walls.
  • Consider the area you want to heat. Is the size too open-planned? Also, think of the times you need the heat most. This could add to the unnecessary and inefficient use of your heater.
  • Choosing a fireplace with a high-efficiency rate, so you can get the most out of your firewood

With these outlines that the Government advises, Quadra-Fire’s slow-combustion wood burning fireplace range solves every issue raised considering its product is a closed-operated system, using well-controlled air to maximise the heat retained and expelled. Quadra-Fire’s patented four-point burn system helps produce maximum heat and long burn times.

Quadra-Fire’s average efficiency rating sits at 75%, which trumps the average combustion units across Australia, which reach only about 55%. Also, it has been estimated that the average Australian home, when using a Quadra-Fire Automatic Combustion heater, will save per year almost $700 on firewood.

It makes perfect sense, therefore, to consider purchasing one, especially since it complies with the regulations of the Environmental Protection Authority Victoria, as well as emissions standards.

For more information, get in touch with one of our many distributors across Australia, please do not hesitate to contact us.