Finally, A Solution To The Ever-Rising Cost Of Wood – And It’s Cleaner!

Australian wood heating, especially in South Australia, costs the average household almost $300 per tonne. This equates to a nasty figure of $18 per heating session. That’s a lot of money just to have a fireplace.

The innovators at Quadra-Fire agree. That’s why their units combine state-of-the-art technology with quality products to provide efficient, long-burning, high-heat output fireplaces.

This award-winning product, which is patented, helps save you money on firewood, and here’s the proof:

  • Technology

As suggested by the name, Quadra-Fire is known for its patented four-point quad-burn combustion technology. Quadra-Fire’s quad-burn technology thoroughly burns all the wood, gases, smoke, and impurities. It produces maximum heat and long burn times, meaning fewer trips to the wood pile.

Also inbuilt into the Quadra-Fire range of slow-combustion fireplaces is Automatic Combustion Control technology. ACC technology helps feed the fire when air is needed most, and initiates a timer that automatically shuts the start-up air after around 20 minutes.

The technology in a Quadra-Fire unit helps achieve maximum heat, long burn times, and high heat output.

  • Efficiency

Whilst it may not sound like much, the efficiency of any slow-combustion fireplace is important to know. A 10% difference in efficiency is equal to one tonne of firewood, so it certainly adds up! Quadra-Fire is Australia’s most efficient slow-combustion fires, and with the national average efficiency at 65%, Quadra-Fire has an impressive 85% average. This means a Quadra-Fire fireplace can save you up to 2 tonnes of firewood a year. This saves you money, and time, whilst maintaining overnight burns.

If a slow combustion wood burning fireplace is the most suitable for your needs, then look no further than a Quadra-Fire. Whether you are wanting a freestanding or an insert model, Quadra-Fire’s range has something to suit your needs. With long burn times, great efficiency, and fantastic technology, it makes complete sense to make your next fire a Quadra-Fire.

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