Where To Put A Freestanding Fireplace In Your Home

Nowadays, fireplaces are more than just a way to stay warm; they are a statement and a centrepiece in your home. You can have one installed in almost any space in your house, and you have many styles to choose from amongst the different freestanding and insert wood burning fireplaces. Let’s take a look at where about in your house you could put your fireplace:

Freestanding allows you to place it anywhere you want, as long as it is attached to a flue. So the good news is that your choices are much wider for a freestanding than an insert. You do need to keep in mind that with freestanding units, there are clearances to walls and requirements for hearths to protect your floor.

If you’re looking to host lots of family and friends, then your living or dining room would be the best location in your home to put your fireplace. You’ll be able to keep your guests warm and comfortable, as well as show off your new masterpiece.

If you’d prefer to create extra heat in your bedroom to keep you warm on those chilly nights and mornings, then you have that option as well.

Whilst insert fireplaces create a more grand look and offer great heating solutions, you’re more limited in your location choices by the fact it can only be mounted in a wall, or have a bulkhead built out to house the unit and flue if there is no opening available.

Therefore, a previous fireplace generally needs to exist to place an insert in that same location, which is usually found in living rooms. If you find that the opening you have for an existing fireplace is too small to house a slow combustion insert, and you would still like to have a real wood fire, you do have the option of installing an open wood fireplace.

If you’re on the lookout for a new wood burning fireplace, it’s best to first plan on which one you should get and where in your house you can best see it fit.

If you are still unsure which type will suit your needs, be sure to get in contact with our experienced and helpful team for further advice.