How To Reduce Smoke Pollution From Your Wood Burning Fireplace

An excess of smoke when using your slow combustion wood burning fireplace can be the result of burning firewood incorrectly, or burning the wrong wood, whether it’s a fireplace indoors or a campsite outdoors. The smoke produced by a fire contains particulate emissions, so it’s important to know the correct way to operate your wood burning fire so you can reduce your emissions and have a fire that works perfectly.


What can you do to reduce wood smoke pollution?

  1. Check your heater complies with regulation standards

The Australian government has standards that apply to all slow combustion wood burning fires, and the amount of particulate emissions that they are allowed to emit. These standards are generally revised every few years. That’s why it’s important to use a reputable fireplace company whose products comply with all government rules and regulations.

  1. Check that your wood is aged and dried

You should only ever be using split, seasoned hardwood in your fireplace, with a moisture level of no more than 15-20%.You can check if the wood is seasoned enough to burn when you bang the two pieces and hear a loud, hollow cracking sound.

  1. Check that you’re using your heater correctly

Start your fire off with small of pieces of wood and once it gets going, gradually add some larger pieces to the fire. Make sure that they are stacked loosely so that plenty of air is moving in and around in the fire, and so that coals from the top pieces can fall down in between to start the larger pieces burning.

  1. Use your air controls properly

Whether you have an open wood fire, or a slow combustion fireplace, you should have air controls that allow you to feed air to the fireplace when required. Once the fire is going, you should be turning your air down to maintain a slow and steady burn.

  1. Keep your fireplace clean

You will need to have your chimney swept every so often to prevent a build up of creosote in your chimney. How frequently you have sweeping done will depend on how much you use your fire, if you’re unsure, check with your chimney sweep.

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