Understanding Fireplace Terminology

Installing a fireplace in your home is an exciting experience, but dealing with the terminology regarding its various functions can be confusing. How do you know what each term means and whether or not it’s relevant to you? The first step towards making the best decision for your needs is to know exactly what you’re dealing with. We’ve put together a few common terms you might encounter when selecting a fireplace so that you choose one that fits in with your budget, home and lifestyle.


Should I choose a conventional or balanced flue system?

If you don’t have an existing chimney in your home, then we’d recommend choosing a balanced flue system. This option connects to the outside using an external cowl and flue systems, and it’s from here that it gets fresh air and expels any combustion by-products externally, maintaining optimum indoor air quality. Balanced flue systems also offer great installation flexibility and are popular as they provide heat and style in equal measures. Conventional fireplaces draw oxygen from inside the room, and are less flexible with flueing.

What does it mean that my Quadra-Fire operates using slow combustion?

A slow combustion fireplace means that you’ve chosen a more environmentally friendly option that will also save you money. It allows for a slow and steady burn of fuel that can last several hours at a time. In more practical terms, you can expect to use between a half to a third less wood every year than you would with a standard fireplace.

It says that my Quadra-Fire uses Automatic Combustion Control. What is this?

Quadra-Fire created Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) technology works by providing air to feed the fire when it’s needed most, then controls it for a steady, long-lasting burn.

Knowing what each part of your Quadra-Fire fireplace does and what function it plays in making your fireplace operate will ensure you can utilise it to its full extent.

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