Why Wood Burning Fireplaces Are Back In Fashion

Australian homeowners are finding wood burning fireplaces more attractive than ever before, with a great deal of homes across the country now opting for wood heaters over gas. We have the reasons why wood burning fireplaces are coming back in fashion.

  • It’s cosy

    Nothing comes close to that cosy, homely feeling of sitting by the fireside, reading a book or talking to your family and friends. It’s a central place where everyone will gather, not just for the heat, but for the ambience it creates. Imagine sitting by the fire in your living room, watching the glows of heat crackle away.

  • It cost- and environmentally-friendly

    To save money this winter, opt for a wood burning fireplace because it will help you reduce your electric bills. In addition, chopping wood will also help the environment regenerate trees, while using the right woods for burning will produce healthier CO2 emissions.

  • It’s natural

    A wood burning fireplace gives you that natural feel. The sound it makes – that crackling noise you may hear in nature when camping cannot be replaced by any other heating source. The smell is also natural, and nothing comes quite as close to that specific odour that a wood burning fireplace creates.Despite the fact that there are so many heating solutions on the market, many Australian homeowners are continuing to choose wood burning fireplaces over other types. Burning fire naturally is as appealing as ever, as well as the fact that in a power outage, you can always light up the fire and have a well-lit and warm area in your home.

For more information or if you’re interested in finding out which wood burning fireplace will suit your home the best, contact us today. Remember, there is a wide variety to choose from, and we strongly suggest that you have a conversation with our distributors to ensure that your new wood burning fireplace suits the style of your home.