Use These Wood Burning And Storage Tips

Maximise The Warmth Potential From Your Wood Fireplace While Costing You Less

Using wood more efficiently to fuel wood fireplaces provides you with a whole host of benefits while saving you money on energy utility expenses. Being conscientious about how you burn wood offers highly sought after benefits such as:

  • Offering better heating output and burn times
  • Reducing the negative effects of pollution on the environment
  • Providing better quality of air that lowers health risks
  • Reduced wood fuel costs

Some wood tips for your fireplace:

The best wood to burn is seasoned wood

Seasoned wood makes the ultimate fuel source for wood fireplaces. You can easily identify seasoned wood by the cracks at the end and the sharp ‘crack’ sound when hitting two pieces together.

Use split firewood

Dry wood burns better and cleaner relative to un-split wood due to a drier surface area. Splitting wood ensures wood dries quicker, making it a lot healthier and quicker to burn.

Wood is better stored outside where it is protected from the elements

Store wood outside your home where there is adequate shelter from the elements. Encourage more air circulation by stacking your wood pile loosely, keeping it at least three inches off the ground and the sides open.

Ensure you only burn wood as fuel

Some people consider using glossy print magazines, painted wood and particle boards as suitable for use in wood fireplaces. This is risky and dangerous behaviour as these items can emit toxic chemicals into your home and may damage your fireplace unit.

If you’ve always wanted a wood burning fireplace but worried about the effects on the environment and the quality of air in your home, burning wood more conscientiously using the tips above will help address some of the issues you may have. For more professional advice and information on buying or installing a wood fireplace in Tasmania pop in and speak to one of our expert customer representatives at Quadra fire.