Why You Should Never Burn Unseasoned Wood

You should never burn unseasoned or green wood in your fireplace, because it contains a much higher volume of water than seasoned wood. When the moisture content is at 25% or more, it will be duly regarded as unseasoned wood. It can take a couple of years before the moisture in the wood is finally reduced to be considered seasoned wood.

  • What are the risks

Since unseasoned wood has more moisture, it does not burn as hot or as effectively as properly seasoned wood. This affects the efficiency of your fireplace and ultimately impacts all areas of performance. Burning unseasoned wood also can increase creosote build-up.

  • What you should do

You can help prevent future issues with your wood burning fireplace by ensuring you have your chimney swept by a professional. The frequency of sweeping will depend on how much you use your fire. Although even seasoned wood does contribute to chimney residue, it produces less residue than if you were burning unseasoned wood.

  • Ventilation

The flue system for your slow combustion wood burning fireplace must always vent outside and have a cowl on top of the flue run. If you are unsure, you can always contact a professional fireplace expert in Melbourne to come and have a look at your fireplace and offer you suggestions.

  • Cleaning

There are some maintenance tasks that you can complete as a fireplace owner, such as cleaning out ash from the firebox, and cleaning the glass. Always consult your owner’s manual for information on how to perform these tasks.

Understanding which fire wood is the best for your fireplace is essential when wanting to strike up a nice warm fire – and one that is both efficient and safe. If you need more information or want to get in contact with a professional wood fireplace expert in Melbourne, consider Quadrafire as your heating solutions specialists.

You Won’t Believe The Benefits Wood Ash Has Waiting For You!

Wood fire ash from your wood fire inserts or freestanding stoves is often thrown away by most Australians—but if only you knew what power the ash holds, you’d start to treasure the remains of your fire.

Here is a list of the unbelievable benefits of wood ash:

  • Greener Grass

You wood fire ash contains elements essential for the healthy growth of seeds, plants and grass. The ash contains calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Also, since ash is alkaline, it will raise or lower the pH levels in your soil, which will help enrich the soil to support healthy plant and grass growth. Calcium loving plants, such as tomatoes, can benefit from the use of ash in the soil. Simply place 1/4 cup of ash in the hole when planting for an added boost.

  • No More Pests

A safe, completely natural pest-repellent comes directly from your fireplace. Snails and slugs love to eat away at gardens and vegetable patches, but avoid ash. If you are growing a vegetable patch, laying this on the ground will help prevent pest attacks. You can even mix ash and water, and spray it over the plants.

  • Home Cleaner

Ash has a natural abrasive feature to remove dirt from surfaces including frying pans and stainless steel. Your oven’s glass can be cleaned by wetting a piece of newspaper and daubing it in ash. Gently scrub the glass and see the grime lift away!

  • Odour Control

The properties in ash have a neutralising action similar to baking soda. Its alkalinity can neutralise odours caused by acidic chemical reactions. Often, there are potent odours found in refrigerators, which can be overcome by placing a small bowl of ash at the back, and changing it every few days.

  • Miscellaneous uses

Ash contains sodium, which means it can act like a salt to melt ice. Simply spread ash over iced spots on your driveway or veranda or car windscreens. It also acts as a non-toxic metal polisher. Simply make a paste with ash and water to shine metals like silver.

With these benefits, you’ll know just how much use you can get out of your leftover ash. Now that your use of your fireplace is coming to an end with the warmer months on the way, think of the leftover ash as a great resource to complete many tasks.

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Does Having A Fireplace In Your House Add Value To Your Property?

Having a fireplace installed in your Melbourne home WILL add significant value to your home, and can even become the focal selling point of your house. By adding a fireplace, the benefit of its value to your home will be more than worth the time and money you spend to have it installed. Here’s how:

  • Value

There is no question, especially after several surveys conducted over recent years, that a fireplace adds value to a home. Furthermore, recent research has also confirmed that many buyers look for or ask if a fireplace is installed. It’s certainly not the main factor that is considered when looking for a new home, but it can help your property attract great interest.

  • What to consider

Before you take the plunge and decide to install a fireplace, do your research and find out which fireplace is best suited to your home. You definitely need to know what the practical aspects of installing a fireplace in your home are, as this can affect your options.

  • Costs

If you want efficient and quality fireplaces that deliver the best heat and look great, it can cost you a few thousand dollars – but the rewards and benefits of a fireplace outweigh any amount you spend, since it serves as an attractive focal point for buyers. Plus, you get all the benefits of the fireplace for the entirety of your time living in that home, such as warmth during the freezing winter months and a great attraction for your guests.

  • Enhancement

It is well and good to add a fireplace to your home, but the location of the fireplace needs to be more strategic if you want to make the best return when selling your property. The living-room is the obvious choice. But have you considered including a fireplace in a study or potentially the bedroom? It could add such a cosy feel to the room, enhancing your home to a greater value.

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the installation and the choice of the fireplace must be carefully considered. You want to add a fireplace not merely for comfort, but also for design and décor purposes, which will add great resale value to your home.

Search the range of Quadrafire products today or get in touch with us to enquire about a fireplace today.

How To Decide Between A Freestanding Or Insert Fireplace

Nothing comes close to the warmth and ambience a fireplace produces. For generations, the idea of a fireplace has always been linked closely to living well and living in style. Nowadays, the options for a fireplace are more technologically-advanced, giving homeowners the choice to add a focal point in their home, which will provide more than enough heat, and at the same time, help reduce the cost of energy used during the winter months.

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Advice To Keep Your Children Safe Around Fireplaces

Fireplaces are very common in Melbourne, and they add such an elegant feel and sense of style to your home. The luxury it offers, not only in winter, is an element of the home that also adds value if ever a homeowner decides to sell.

However, what you must bear in mind is that a fireplace comes with certain hazards that can be very dangerous for children and pets.

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Finally, A Solution To The Ever-Rising Cost Of Wood – And It’s Cleaner!

Australian wood-heating, especially in South Australia, costs the average household almost $300 per tonne. This equates to a nasty figure of $18 per heating session. That’s a lot of money just to have a fireplace.

The innovators at Quadrafire agree. That’s why their units combine state of the art technology with quality products to provide efficient, long burning, high heat output fireplaces.

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What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Wood Heater

With the cost of wood on the rise, the Australian Government, through its Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria, has provided guidelines on how best to secure an efficient heating solution for your home or business.

Therefore, before you purchase your next fireplace, here are some key points from EPA Victoria for you to consider:

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How To Prepare Your Fireplace For The Winter

With the influx of rain and the freezing cold days, we’re definitely in the middle of the chilly season! Many people have used their wood burning fireplaces to help combat the cold and create a cosy atmosphere in their homes. However, many fireplace owners don’t realise that they are not using their fireplaces efficiently, and by following these tips below, they can get the most out of their fireplace this winter.

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