5 Ways to Tell If Your Wood Burning Fireplace Is Efficient

A wood burning fireplace is a great way to keep your home warm, but can you tell if your fireplace is working efficiently? Sure, the house may feel warm but if your fireplace isn’t working efficiently, it can end up costing you money and cause excess pollution. Here are five way to tell if your wood burning fireplace is working efficiently.

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The Five Stages Of Installing A Fireplace

There are many reasons why you should install a wood fireplace in your home. Once you’ve made the decision to get one, here are the five stages that you will go through to get it up and running.

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Three Places To Install A Fireplace Other Than Your Living Room

You can’t beat the ambience created by a crackling fire. The scent of burning wood, the glow and the warmth are enough to make you forget about the cold world outside as you snuggle up in your living room. But there’s no need to limit the pleasures of a wood fireplace to only one space. Tradition has always dictated placement in the living room, but who says you can’t enjoy the comforts of a fireplace in any number of other rooms too? Let’s take a look at three different rooms in which you can install a fireplace other than your living room.

The master bedroom

The decadent luxury of relaxing in bed while a fire burns in the grate cannot be understated. A fireplace adds a level of opulence to a master bedroom that few other fittings can, and with so many styles of fireplace available, it can be a magnificent focal point. From vintage-style engraved units to minimalist, clean-cut designs, the choice is so wide that you can find a fireplace that suits your design aesthetic perfectly.

It’s best to work closely with your fireplace dealer to make sure you choose the right type of unit for your bedroom because factors such as the size of the room and the space in which you want the fireplace installed will impact your choice of model.

The bathroom

Bathroom fireplaces are gaining popularity, and it’s easy to understand why. Having a wood fireplace keeping you warm while you relax in a bath is truly luxurious.

A bathroom fireplace is also a good investment because such fittings add substantial value to your property. Buyers are willing to pay for the wow factor, and that’s precisely what you get with such an installation.

The sunroom

As the name suggests, a sunroom is perfect for soaking up the warmth of the sun in the summer months, but it can also be the ideal space to relax in during winter if you install a fireplace. While your living room may be the ideal cosy spot for the family to gather in the evenings, a sunroom warmed by a roaring fire is perfect for daytime relaxation. Why not get year-round use of your sunroom, it’s a waste not to.

Up the luxe factor and value of your home with a fireplace in your bedroom, bathroom or sun-room with a Quadra-Fire wood fireplace. Discover the range here.

3 Hot Tips For Buying Firewood

A great wood fire roars and crackles, radiating heat throughout a room, however you can’t expect a fire to burn efficiently by itself. There are a few factors to consider when building a great fire and a major consideration, after purchasing a good quality wood fireplace, is the wood itself.

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How To Update Your Old Wood Fireplace

If you have an old wood fireplace in your home, you may think that the best thing to do would be to haul it out, brick in the space and instead use a conventional heater for warmth. However, there are several ways to give your old fireplace a makeover while still keeping its rustic character.

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Five Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Wood Fireplace

A wood fireplace is an asset in any home, providing warmth and comfort, and bringing people together. To make sure it’s always in perfect working order, a wood fireplace needs to be looked after carefully and regularly maintained. Here are five ways you can extend the life of your wood fireplace so that it serves you and your family well for many years to come.

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Top Tips For Stacking Wood In Your Fireplace

Picture the scene. An icy wind is blowing outside, and the rain is forcing the temperature down into single figures. Inside, the family is settling in for the evening; you’ve found the perfect Netflix movie to watch and the popcorn and hot chocolate smell incredible. It should be the perfect winter evening, but you haven’t stacked the fire correctly, and it isn’t heating up the room!

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Australian Fireplace Regulations – What You Should Know

Wood burning fireplaces can’t be rivalled when it comes to an authentic, multi-sensory experience. Choosing a fireplace for your home must be done carefully, though, because there are stringent regulations in place in Australia to ensure that safety and emission standards are met. Read more

Have You Checked Your Chimney For Creosote Build-Up?

You’ve probably been using your fireplace in the cold season and will continue to do so until the Australian summer arrives. There’s nothing like a slow-burning wood fire to bring radiant heat and life to your home, but the combustion process can leave a deposit behind in your chimney that must be cleaned out for the sake of your family’s health and safety. Read more

Your Guide To Collecting Firewood For The Upcoming Heating Season

If you’re in the process or are about to course wood for your fireplace, you should first become familiar with some of the info in the Forests Act 1958 and the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978, which set down the rules and regulations for the collection of firewood for residential use.

Residents of Victoria are no longer obligated to have permits in order to collect firewood from designated areas in state forests and parks, however if you do intend on collecting firewood, certain rules do apply. Use this handy reference guide to collecting firewood this winter:

  • Designated collection areas

Firewood can only be collected from designated areas and during firewood season Autumn (1 March to 30 June) and Spring (1 September to 30 November). Designated areas are clearly identifiable by markings provided on the ground.

  • Safety precautions

It is important to implement safety precautions when collecting firewood such as wearing appropriate clothing and using wood-collecting equipment appropriately. Ideally, you should be trained in how to use them properly. Chainsaws that have appropriate exhaust and spark arresters fitted can be used. You should also be aware of hazards like dead standing trees, uneven ground conditions and snakes and stinging insects.

  • Limited quantity of firewood applies

The maximum limit of firewood allowed is 2m3 per person daily and 16m3 per household for a financial year.

  • Green wood collected in state forests

You should be aware that wood collected from state forests is wet wood, which means that it would have to be dried or seasoned for at least 12 months before it can be used as a safe fuel source.

  • Collect only felled trees

The Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning in Victoria makes provision for only felled or fallen trees to be collected.

  • Vehicle rules applicable

Vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM) including the trailer can be used in the specified firewood collection areas. No heavy machinery such as bulldozers, cranes or tractors are allowed. Vehicles should stay on formed roads and not veer off tracks.

Lower your home’s heating costs even further by collecting free firewood from state forest designated areas. You need to do this a year in advance as forest wood has to be fully dried out before placing in your wood heater.

If you want to make winter evenings extra cosy by installing a quality wood burning stove, contact us today!