What is a Four-Point Burn System and Why is it So Popular Amongst Melbourne Wood Fireplace Owners?

How familiar are you with the terms used when discussing fireplaces? You probably know that the vent is the exhaust duct and the flue is the pipe allowing the smoke to move from your fireplace to your chimney. If you’ve been considering purchasing a Quadra-Fire wooden fireplace now that the temperatures are starting to drop, you might have heard about our Four-Point Burn System. What is this system and why is it so popular amongst Victorian homeowners?

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Why A Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Is The Perfect Winter Accessory!

A fireplace is so much more than something to keep a chilly room warm in winter. It is a functional accessory that has the ability to create an ambience in a room that draws people in, making them want to linger longer. If you are considering installing a wood burning fireplace insert in your living space as the weather starts getting cooler, consider the fact that not only is it a functional heater – it is also a fully-fledged winter accessory.

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Understanding Wood Heater Regulations In Australia

To ensure safe practices are met with and to regulate quality control, the Australian Standards authorities have set out a number of guidelines for homeowners to follow when purchasing and installing solid fuel heaters in the home. The Australian Standard AS/NZS 4013 provides essential information on the compliance criteria for solid fuel burning appliances for domestic use. If you’re deciding on whether to install a wood heater in your home, here is what you should know.

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5 Lesser Known Techniques For A More Efficient Clean Burning Wood Fire

Wood burning stoves remain a popular choice for keeping a home cosy and toasty. With this solid fuel-sourced appliance the one commonly asked question is ‘how do you ensure a clean burning wood fire’?

Do you have to bust your hump in the labour-intensive tasks of cutting, splitting and storing wood? Not necessarily so. Fire up your wood burning fireplace without the tears and frustration with the help of these 5 easy to implement tips.

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3 Basic Essentials You Need To Know When Using Wood Burning Stoves

Here are 3 introductory lessons every newbie needs to learn to make optimal use of a wood burning stove.

This will all depend on the size of your firebox. Obviously, the larger the firebox the more wood you will need. Make sure you use the right size logs recommended by the manufacturer. Building your fire correctly will help achieve optimum burn time and heat output.

These 3 simple methods to using wood burning fires will ensure you increase the level of comfort in a home. For the best modern slow combustion wood burning range, make Quadra-Fire your preferred supplier.

  1. Ensure that the stove is properly installed and that there is adequate ventilation.
  2. Only burn dry, seasoned wood in the stove. Wet or green wood will produce more smoke and will be less effective at heating your home.
  3. Have your stove serviced regularly to ensure that it is operating safely and efficiently

Use These Wood Burning And Storage Tips

Maximise The Warmth Potential From Your Wood Fireplace While Costing You Less

Using wood more efficiently to fuel wood fireplaces provides you with a whole host of benefits while saving you money on energy utility expenses. Being conscientious about how you burn wood offers highly sought after benefits such as:

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3 Great reasons why a slow combustion Wood Fireplace Insert is the best option for your home

Slow combustion wood fireplace inserts are a welcome addition to the Australian home heating industry as these modern fireplace systems are a great alternative for homeowners who want improved heating efficiencies while being kinder to the environment at the same time.

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Keep Your Wood Fireplace Working and Looking as Good as New With These Simple Maintenance Tips

The benefits of keeping a well-maintained clean wood fireplace are easy enough to establish: your model offers longer reliability, improved efficiency and a longer lifespan.

Maintaining your fireplace need not be as stressful as you think it would be. Read on for easily-implemented maintenance tips to keep your fireplace in top shape for a long time to come.

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Reduce Emissions and Breathe Easy With The Right Wood Burning Heater

Many Australians enjoy a wood burning fireplace, for the warmth, heat and ambiance that comes from having one as the centerpiece of their living or dining room. But with deadly home fires an ever-present concern, many opt out of having one due to safety concerns. What these families don’t know is that it’s possible to enjoy a fire at home that is as safe and practical as it is enjoyable.

The threat of a home fire is one that most Australians are familiar with, with recent years being dominated by the threat of potential bushfires due to higher than usual temperatures, dry conditions, strong winds and low levels of rainfall. Because of this, most people are aware of the safety precautions that need to be followed in order to minimize the risk of a fire spreading from a heater elsewhere. But few Australians stop to think about the breathing hazards presented by burning wood in your home.

According to the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority, the vast majority of fine particle pollution in Sydney can be traced back to heaters in the region and with close to 100,000 heaters in this area alone, that’s a lot of emissions! Particles are particularly dangerous as they can be inhaled directly into a person’s bloodstream and lead to breathing and lung complications.

Most experts say this stems from the fact that many heaters in the country stick to the bare minimum when it comes to the allowed amounts of emissions required per kilogram of wood burnt, which is a maximum of 2.5 grams. In fact, many experts allege that a heater produces more toxic emissions than cigarette smoke and can produce the same amount of emissions of hundreds of SUVS over a period of time.

Thankfully, not all wooden heaters are created equal and you can actually purchase one that is much healthier than most of the heaters on the market that are optimized to burn less wood and therefore create less emissions, resulting in safe breathing air.

So when the season comes to bring out the heaters, make sure you’ve chosen one that lets you breathe easy, safe in the knowledge that you’re not polluting your family’s or the rest of the country’s air.

How You Can Save Money And Use Less Wood This Heater Season

In the past, wooden fireplaces were a common sight in homes. Of course that was before electricity, and before the world wisened up to the fact that wood (and trees) are not an infinite resource. With so many alternatives available most home owners have resigned themselves to the fact that the look, feel and functionality of a traditional wooden fireplace is just not economically or environmentally feasible anymore. But the good news is that these days you actually can enjoy the traditional snap, crackle and spark of a fireplace in a way that works with the environment – and not against it. And you’ll find yourself spending less on wood too!

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