Wood Fireplace

How To Decide Between A Freestanding Or Insert Fireplace

Nothing comes close to the warmth and ambience a fireplace produces. For generations, the idea of a fireplace has always been linked closely to living well and living in style. Nowadays, the options for a fireplace are more technologically-advanced, giving homeowners the choice to add a focal point in their home, which will provide more than enough heat, and at the same time, help reduce the cost of energy used during the winter months.

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Three Benefits Of A Fireplace With Automatic Combustion Control

New, modern fireplaces have evolved in line with the rapid development of technology. Quadra-Fire, an innovative home heater company, is leading the way in regards to cleaner, healthier and cheaper alternatives for your wood burning fireplace. Technology called Automatic Combustion Control is an advanced air control system that has three benefits for you:

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Finally, A Solution To The Ever-Rising Cost Of Wood – And It’s Cleaner!

Australian wood heating, especially in South Australia, costs the average household almost $300 per tonne. This equates to a nasty figure of $18 per heating session. That’s a lot of money just to have a fireplace.

The innovators at Quadra-Fire agree. That’s why their units combine state-of-the-art technology with quality products to provide efficient, long-burning, high-heat output fireplaces.

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What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Wood Heater

With the cost of wood on the rise, the Australian Government, through its Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria, has provided guidelines on how best to secure an efficient heating solution for your home or business.

Therefore, before you purchase your next fireplace, here are some key points from EPA Victoria for you to consider:

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How To Prepare Your Fireplace For The Winter

With the influx of rain and the freezing cold days, we’re definitely in the middle of the chilly season! Many people have used their wood burning fireplaces to help combat the cold and create a cosy atmosphere in their homes. However, many fireplace owners don’t realise that they are not using their fireplaces efficiently, and by following these tips below, they can get the most out of their fireplace this winter.

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We’ve Got The Best Fireplace Options That Are Sure To Make Your Cave The Best Of Them All

Is Your Man Cave Winter Proof?

Your man cave is your sanctum, a place of fierce, manly independence that takes you back to the heady days of the hunt, the fire, and the open skies. It’s also a place where you just love to be comfortable in, sit back, and get some alone time after a long day at the office.

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What is a Four-Point Burn System and Why is it So Popular Amongst Melbourne Wood Fireplace Owners?

How familiar are you with the terms used when discussing fireplaces? You probably know that the vent is the exhaust duct and the flue is the pipe allowing the smoke to move from your fireplace to your chimney. If you’ve been considering purchasing a Quadra-Fire wooden fireplace now that the temperatures are starting to drop, you might have heard about our Four-Point Burn System. What is this system and why is it so popular amongst Victorian homeowners?

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Why A Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Is The Perfect Winter Accessory!

A fireplace is so much more than something to keep a chilly room warm in winter. It is a functional accessory that has the ability to create an ambience in a room that draws people in, making them want to linger longer. If you are considering installing a wood burning fireplace insert in your living space as the weather starts getting cooler, consider the fact that not only is it a functional heater – it is also a fully-fledged winter accessory.

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Understanding Wood Heater Regulations In Australia

To ensure safe practices are met with and to regulate quality control, the Australian Standards authorities have set out a number of guidelines for homeowners to follow when purchasing and installing solid fuel heaters in the home. The Australian Standard AS/NZS 4013 provides essential information on the compliance criteria for solid fuel burning appliances for domestic use. If you’re deciding on whether to install a wood heater in your home, here is what you should know.

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5 Lesser Known Techniques For A More Efficient Clean Burning Wood Fire

Wood burning stoves remain a popular choice for keeping a home cosy and toasty. With this solid fuel-sourced appliance the one commonly asked question is ‘how do you ensure a clean burning wood fire’?

Do you have to bust your hump in the labour-intensive tasks of cutting, splitting and storing wood? Not necessarily so. Fire up your wood burning fireplace without the tears and frustration with the help of these 5 easy to implement tips.

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